Thursday, December 27, 2007

Different Strokes..

Some random tunes.....

Halka Halka Saroor: This Famous Quwali from NFK needs no comments one of the finest song from him(link to the original) .When I heard this adaption by An american guitarist Jeff Buckley I was not sure if I am liking it or hating it, But No doubt a great tribute to NFK and his timeless voice.

Ye desh hai veer Jawano Ka: The song was written as a triumph of post Independent India. Because of its melodious tune and High on energy vocals its recognizable to all age groups. No social gathering related to "DeshPrem" can be completed without playing this number and still the biggest crowd puller on the dance floor.

Ramaiyya Vastavayya: A timeless number no comments

English Patient: One of the finest love stories on the silver screen. The original book has been translated in more than 300 languages. There was something different about the title track. It was an unusually gloomy Hungarian tune which I kept repeating again and again.

final countdown: This Hard Rock number from "Europe" has some "Deja Vu" kind of feeling. Its official anthem of many sport teams, Even in colleges every batch recognize it as their anthem.

Bombay theme: This Tune marked A.R. Rehman as "The Musical Genius"

James Bond: The Most popular tune of the 20th century. First time played in Dr. NO. and then became identity of Bond .... James Bond

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara: If you ask me anything related to Doordarshan this song will be my answer. I have grown up watching this anthem.

Jungle Book: The first serious Animation on Indian screen with Hindi characters. A wonderful story told by Rudyard Kipling in magical words of Gulzar.

Thriller : Micheal Jackson released this song in 83 and it went on to become the best of All times with over 104 millions copies sold.

Top Gun Anthem: Tom Cruise transformed from Chocolate hero to a Action king and this track surely helped him..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

WallPaper of the Day ..

I liked this pic.. the color of the moon and the silhouette of the plane on it (I dint like the fuel trail so its removed :D) . I have never seen a moon that big ....
photographer: Steve Morris

"Tare Zameen par" is par excellent. Amir khan proved that he is a great actor and a better director. The little dreamer's (Darsheel Safary) performance was a real treat to watch. He was perfect with his rabbit teeth and his face was canvassing emotions as good as his paintings. As it was a perfectionist's movie so everyone was as perfect as Academy award winning actor, Ishan' family, his best friend. The scenes when his mother is flipping Ishan's animation book and his father speaking to Amir khan in school shows the guilt of the parents of a misunderstood child.
The music and lyrics were deeply integrated to the script.
It can be easily compared to the likes of "Boot Polish" ,"Jagriti" and "Masoom". One of the best movie ever made on children.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ButterFly Effect ...

What If Amitabh Bachchan had a short name and a regular voice?
What If Sidhdhu dosent know so many Punjabi phrases?
What If we are not third in Solar system?
What If Narayan is not married to Sudha?
What If Khushwant Singh dint had a little malice?
What If Newton was hungry when that apple fell?
What If Jai dint had a fake Coin ?
What If that Ticket collector was a little more friendlier with M.K. Gandhi?
What If India is situated a little more up on the Globe?
What If JFK hadn't been shot?
What If Abhishek Bachchan Born to Jitendra?
What If It was raining when the fire was discovered?
What If Hitler was not so ambitious?
What If earth is not tilted on its axis?
What If Anil and Mukesh lived like good brothers?
What If Akio Morita listened to his father?
What If Indira Gandhi was a little less of a dictator?
What If Hunter Adams had not admitted himself to the asylum?
What If Richard Bach was not a pilot?
What If Nagraj was produced by Marvel comics?
What If Water is Colored?
What If Sky is actually Blue?
What If India is a One Language country?
What If humans can breathe underwater?
What If I haven't dreamed of you?

Monday, December 17, 2007

random thoughts ...

When the sun goes down and the its all quiet they come out of the water. Playing with the returning waves. They come out of their hideouts to marvel at the beauty of the endless sea. To enjoy the noisy calmness of the beach. I decided to catch one of them without hurting it. But those small creatures were so fast and agile that no matter how hard i ran they always had just enough time to reach the waters. Watching them running sideways is really fun. Crabs have an interesting behavior. They never reach for anything until you try to snatch it away then they try their best to take it back. Very much like humans. we also sometimes don't realize what we want from life, but as they say.... better late than never :).
B/W a very good track from Salma Hayek and Robert Rodriguez
** * translated by Google

Feel my love

A story out of time
That has no end
A love like ours
Not, and never can die
I want to be in your soul
A happy moment
Amare you forever
Live within you

In the days of pain
I feel love
That will come with the wind
That will come with the sun
In the eyes of God
Away from you
I really in Sue
Sentiras my kisses
And laugh oirias

Feeling alone
And these silent
Think of my caresses
I want to be in your soul
A happy moment
Amare you forever
Live within you

In the days of pain
I feel love

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Khwab aur Haqeekat...

Dhalte suraj ki madhdham roshni uske chehre par pad rahi hai, kuchh is tarah se ki chehra yak-soo roshan hua jata hai, Samandar se aati huyee Hawa kuchh youn chal rahi hai ki jaise uske gesoo bhi roshni ka saath de rahe hon. Gale me pada hua gulabi rang ka kapda jaise naseem ka hi hissa ho raha hai....... Ankhen kuchh adhkhuli si hai aur chehre par ek halki si shikan hai.... shayad suraj ki roshni ka hi asar hai. Honthon par ek masoom si hansi bikhari huyee hai. Maloom padta hai ki poora jahan jaise uske ird-gird ho raha hai. Shayad Suraj use dekhne ke liye hi roshan hota hai aur hawa uski khushboo pane ko hi chalti hai.
Ye Khwab tha ya haqeekat ??. ....... Khwaab hi hoga....... haan... Khwab hi hoga kyonki Haqeekat kab itni haseen hua karti hai...... lekin ...... fir kyon reh reh ke jehan me wo tasweer dikhti hai...... aur uske khayalon ki khushboo hawa me behti hai??. Ya fir Shayad Khwaab haqeekat se jyada sachche hua karte hai......

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dada again !!!

He scored his maiden Double hundread :) Highest by any Indian southpaw.

God of OffSide...

Saurav Chandi Ganguly made his debut in 1992 vs West-Indies. It was a news in the grapevines that he got this ODI birth due to his father's stature in Bengal.He made only 3 runs and was dropped immediately. Some said its because of his snobbish behavior as he refused to carry drinks on the field. Indian cricket has seen so many forgotten faces were just lucky enough to get the Indian Cap for 1 or 2 matches. Everybody thought he was just another failed "Experiment". in the history of Indian cricket, But Ganguly thought otherwise. followed by an impressive record in domestic circle he got a chance again in mecca of cricket. He scored a maiden century in his debut test 131 that is the highest by any cricketer in his debut match. A star was born. His batting was a shear pleasure to watch. The amazing eye-hand coordination made him a run machine overnight. The Indian team was struggling for a long time to find a quality opener .Ganguly was promoted to open the innings with Sachin Tendulkar and together made a lethal combination and murdered the bowling attacks from all over the world. They have the records for most successful partnerships of all times.
His love for Off side started in his childhood days when he used to play cricket in his backyard with friend Donna ( his future wife). The makeshift ground has only open spaces on the off side and Saurav loved hitting the ball so he mastered this side.
His magnificant Off-drive is a treat to watch, the ball hits the sweet of the bat and races to the boundry line before the fielder could move a muscle and spectators could blink, and then Sushil Doshi shouting "Ball par to jaise 4 run ki mohar lagi huyee thi...." . But his best shot is a sixer on Long-on. thats more of a pre-meditated shot he gallops on the pitch picks up the ball and BAM !!!! the ball travels miles beyond stadium walls. his style is pure elegance combined with fierce attitude.
In 2000 when the Indian team was at all time low amidst the Match fixing controversies the captaincy was handed over to Ganguly. And boy what a job he has done. The batting line up which was described as "The Best" on paper was in 6-7 th place in real rankings.He command of those individual talented players, and transformed "Indian Team" to "Team India". He is most successful test captain in Indian cricket history. In ODIs The Team India almost won the 2003 world cup.
He had his lean patches too when his batting was criticized. in 2000 when one ball over the shoulders was permitted his avg dipped sharply. Bowlers exploited his weakness for short deliveries. His lack of footwork was the highlight of expert opinions on all those cricket shows. He was alleged with an "ATTITUDE" problem in the dressing room, And following the dispute with an Australian Bigmouth he was condemned in 2005. Everyone thought that it was the end of the road for Ganguly, A magnificent career ended on such a wrong note. But he is no ordinary man. The "Bengal Tiger" can not be tamed by an Australian, The "Prince of Kolkata" did not require the mercy of inexperienced cricketers turned selectors. Only "Dada" can decide when he wants to Go and How. He came back in the team India and In His own style, He was the highest run getter in that South Africa tour. With various records to his name he isn't stopping soon.
He may have 1000 faults as a batsman but his attitude makes him the best. As some poet famously said
ragon mein daudte firne ke ham nahin qaayal
jo aankh hi se na tapka to fir lahoo kya hai ......

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Savere Savere .....

Koi Paas Aayaa Savere Savere
Mujhe Aazamaayaa Savere Savere

Merii Daastaaan Ko Zaraa Saa Badal Kar
Mujhe Hii Sunaayaa Savere Savere

Jo Kahataa Thaa Kal Shab Sanbhalanaa Sanbhalanaa
Vahii Ladakhadaayaa Savere Savere

Katii Raat Saarii Merii Mayakade Men
Khudaa Yaad Aayaa Savere Savere

***wish i can write like that :)
another gem from Jaggu dada collection

Thursday, November 22, 2007

3 AM friends

nobody wants to be alone. People come close when they share something,a class, school, workplace , common interest etc. That gives them something to discuss or spend time together and they know each other.Then there is something called frequency matching which decides the degree of this closeness. This closeness is called friendship. Anyone can be your friend- a person, your favorite toy, or some place . It can be anything that you connect with, anything that you enjoy being with. now there is a very special category of these friends which i call 3 A.M. friends. you can tell anything to them without the need of phrasing your sentences, without worrying about how to start or end, without worrying about the length and time of conversation and without the need to fill awkward gaps and pauses. You are down with all kind of issues in your life and than you go to your 3 A.M. buddy cry out, curse people, shout on your buddy, laugh about absolutely anything, discuss something else which is noway related to the matter, or simply dont say anything just sit quite on the rooftop beside your buddy counting stars. No matter what you speak they know exactly what you are talking about and whats bugging you.
SO if you have one you are lucky, if you have 2 you will never be in depression and if you have more than that :) you are favorite among angels.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Picture abhi Baki hai !!

A lot has been done in Hindi film industry in the name of "Inspiration" and "Originality". And they were successful in keeping the cash registers busy. Movie business is getting professional day by day which is good. But it is turning our creative brains into money spinning machines instead of providing them liberty of making masterpieces. when was the last time we had a good soundtrack which was humable even after six months of release or a dialogue matching the effect of "kitne aadmi the". I guess the passion for Good Movie making is drying out. or is it just the "Old getting better" funda. probably our next generation will appreciate "kajra-re" as much as I love "Rang Barse...".
Just saw ''Om Shanti Om". The "tribute" to 70's, much hyped "Six Packs" of SRK, and the War of words bw OSO and Sawariya camps. The movie was interesting. Farah khan picked up various small and interesting things from the everywhere. SRK delivering lines "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn", The tagline from "The Alchemist",Akshay kumar stunts from some french movie,The use of CGI technique to bring old and new stars together, The comeback composition from Pyarelal( dastan-e-Om Shanti Om), The Song with 31 stars, and to top that all Deepika Padukone. It was all fun.
The interesting thing was everyone knows the plot, the scene and dialogues were not original but still the Khan duo was able to put an entertaining show. A complete Diwali package.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kuchh to hai ...

People says east is the best side and i believe it too, if you get up early you get to see a very beautiful Sun which gets brighter by every passing moment and then it gets so strong that you can not rest your eyes on it, now its something different.
West is good too, my penthouse has west facing terrace. thats my favorite place.If you are lucky you will get time to witness the sun slowing down. and it gets bigger,better and more colorful. Then a very cool soothing wind start flowing from that direction as if The sun has exhausted all its heat and now trying to relax. This wind is particularly good. "Zephyr" or west wind as they call it is a sign of happiness. These are welcomed by Indian farmers as it brings occasional rains.
sometimes this night breeze brings a very happy scent in it. I don't know what is it but its good.
And sometimes when the moon appears on this side of the sky its more beautiful than other nights. the size is almost similar to a football ( i know thats a wrong scale to compare but come on .... :) ).
I just wonder why this side gets more happy alive as sun goes down, something is there in that direction something is there for sure ......

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici

Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.

-By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe

Monday, September 24, 2007

Apne nazdeeq aa raha hoon mein

zulf e barham sambhal ker chaliyeh raasta daikh bhaal ker chaliyeh
mausam e gul hai apni baahon ko meri baahon mein daal ker chaliyeh

misaal-o-maora hone se pehle khuda kya tha khuda hone se pehle
tabiyat ko tabiyat se badal lo tabiyat ko aashna hone se pehle
baja hone ki hai sirf aik surat ghalat hoja baja hone se pehle

muskura ker khitaab karte ho aadatein kiyoon kharab karte ho
ho chuka jo hisaab hona hai aur ub kya hisaab karte ho
yeh nayi ehtiyat dekhi hai aaine se hijaab karte ho
aik din ay Adam na pee to kya rooz shaghal e sharaab karte ho

roshni ko sharaab kehte hein jaam ko aaftab kehte hein
rukh ko parde mein dhaanpne walo husn ko be-naqaab kehte hein
jin ke dil aaina'sifat ho Adam unko ehl e kitaab kehte hein

hum buton ko...

hum buton ko jo pyar karte hein, naql e parwardigar karte hein

kya muhabbat bhi koi paisha hai, loag kyun itne pyar karte hein
itni qasme na khao ghabra ker, jao hum aitebar karte hein
ub bhi aa jao kuch nahi bigra, ub bhi hum intizar karte hein

dushmani ghair to nahi karte, yeh sharafat to yaar karte hein
tu khafa ho ya khush magar hum to, waqai tujh se pyaar kate hein
khubiyon ko bhi qadardan Adam, khamiyon mein shumaar karte hein

saaz e hasti baja raha hoon mein, chashm e masti mana raha hoon mein
kya ada hai nisaar hone ki, unse pehlo bacha raha hoon mein
kitni pukhta hai meri naadani, tujh ko tujh se chupa raha hoon mein

dil dubota hoon chashm e saqi mein, mae ko mae mein mila raha hoon mein
aapko jeetne ke dhoke mein, jaan ki baazi laga raha hoon mein
unko milne ki aarzu mein Adam, apne nazdeeq aa raha hoon mein

hum buton ko jo pyar karte hein, naql e parwardigar karte hein


Artist: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Title: Hum Buton ko jo Pyar karte hai

Album: Pyar karte hai

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Silent Warriors ..............

I think talking to fellow passengers in a train is not a good idea, I consider it as a invasion of private space. People get into the train, talk about all the things in the world, and get off at the next station forgetting who they spoke to and what they spoke about. The discussion invariably consists of hopeless politics, lack of gov jobs, failure of our cricket team blah blah...
I was in a train to Delhi. It was a lovely day for a train journey, a cloudy rainy day everything was washed with occasional showers. lush green sidetracks, trees and electric poles trying to race with the train. I was really enjoying the rhythmical sound of the train, but a gentleman in the front seat was totally lost in some papers, curiously i sneaked a peek ... Mathematics.. hmmm this shd be interesting. I picked up one of the paper. It was a copy of a paper published in a Japanese journal about logarithm. The paper was discussing that the idea of Logrithms was first proposed by a Jain philosopher Nemichandra in 11th centuary way before napere got credit for it. we started talking, he showed me other papers it was all his work It was scattered with "SHLOKA" from various ancient scripture as a proof. His work was mainly focussed on Indian history of mathematics. He was a teacher in a higher secondary school in the tribal town of Badwani near Indore, and the school population was mainly consisting of schedule cast and tribes. one of these tribes "BALAR" was using a number system which is quite different from the Popular "ARABIC" (??) number system. it was a Bidecimal number system actually with a extinsive use of basic mathematical operations he was callling it a pseudo Bidecimal number system.He motivated and guided his students to explore and look beyond the obvious while staying connected to their roots. Two of his students went to Germany for a short term research program for this same topic.His name was "Dipak Jadhav" he himself belongs to Schedule casts. He lamented the attitude of Indian journals as his work was rejected by them but accepted with some suggestions for improvements in technical areas such as language in foreign journals.
Indian Govt. invited him to Delhi and he was going to receive an award from the President of India for "Rashtriya Shikshak Samman". finally he was getting the credit and respect from the country that he is fighting for. Yeah and talking to the fellow passengers in the train is good :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pyar Ishq aur Mohabbat - Dost ki kalam se ......

Someone has forgotten how to react...
Someone has forgotten how to decide...

Someone refuses to listen...
Someone refuses to quit...

Someone ready to accept anything...
Someone ready to accept nothing...

Someone looses the trust...
Someone looses the urge to share...

Someone doesnt have the strength to accept...
Someone doesnt have the strength to say...

Someone wants to try once more...
Someone fed up of trying...

Someone says, "He was the first thing i really wished for"...
Someone says, "All the wishes gets fulfilled, if this one does"...

Someone feels ashamed of it...
Someone feels so proud to say it aloud...

Someone just wants this one thing...
Someone doesnt know what they want...

Someone has lost the slumber...
Someone has lost the senses...

Someone had been so close to... ...
Someone had never even seen her...

Someone doesnt know what he wants...
someone doesnt know what he has lost...

Someone doesnt have time from her...
Someone doesnt have time for her...

Someone struggling to find out 'what it is'...
Someone struggling to find out 'who it is'...

Someone doesnt keep promises...
Someone doesnt consider them 'promises'...

Someone struggling to get out of this maze...
Someone struggling to get into it...

Someone says, "I can do anything to get her"...
Someone says, "Not sure, whether its worth it or not"...

Someone tries to find the name for his relationship with a person...
Someone tries to find the person to fit in this relationship...

Someone says, "He is very understanding !!!"...
Someone says, "He doesnt understands !!!"...

Someone cannot waiver...
Someone cannot help compromising...

Someone says, "I love her but...."...
Someone says, "..., but i love her"...

Someone not ready to accept the person with all her sins...
Someone ready to do all the sins for him...

Someone falsely says, "I cant live without him"...
Someone falsely says, "I dont know whether i still love her"...

Someone struggling to get their love...
Someone struggling to get back the friend...

Someone says, "I am in Love !!!"...
Someone says, "I am in trouble !!!"...

Judge yourself... where do you stand..??? I assume after reading this... you will feel.. you are in a better situation... than others... :)
Be Happy And Have Fun !!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life is too short ......

Google says Life is too Short
... for traffic.
... to be little.
... to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart.
... for a long story.
... to have anything but delusional notions about yourself.
... to be living somebody else's dream.
... to be spent in nursing animosity, or registering wrongs.
... not to do a little practical joking.
... to stuff a mushroom.
... to be vengeful or malicious.
... to work so hard.
... and is too fun.
... You'll be an old man before you know it.
... and the time we waste in yawning never can be regained.
... to worry about things I've said.
... for chess.
... to drink cheap beer.
... to Dance with Ugly Women.
... and friends are too few.
... For Anything But The Best Chocolate
... to Learn Everything.
... for bad comedy.
... for arguments, And playing silly games. Complaining, swearing, cursing people, Calling people names.
... to care about the opinions of others.
... to concentrate on your past
life is always too short to write.

and Finally ...
... to waste your time doing something that will lead to nothing. :D

Life in a Metro

It rarely happens that i miss Good movies but somehow this movie was pending for a long time. I had a copy on my laptop for some 2 months but never had the urge to watch it, probably "Gangster" was the culprit ( read Imran Hashmi..), That was the first movie which I could not bear after intermission .
But yesterday i saw an article on relationships by "Anurag Basu". it was a good read so i saw the movie and it was no different. It was well written, good screenpaly and yeah the music was good too. Now if say it was inspired by "love actually", it wont be fair. because the basic nature of people is same around the Globe, and there can be more than one breakup and patch up in different parts of the world.everybody has their dreams and they do everything in there capacity to realize it. Now this choice of dream is what makes you happy or sad at the end of the day.
Everyone is searching for something, and most of the times they don't know what that something is, Thts where the Unhappiness and frustration creeps in. I like the attitude of Monty (Irrfan Khan) Though he was a little weired but he clearly realized the that one should not restrain oneself from doing something he truly wants to do. Now thats a controversial statement ( and sometimes I dont agree with it myself..) and ppl may argue that it can lead our society to chaos, but remember we are talking about individual happiness ;) .
Relationships are one of the major part of these dreams and desires. take the example of Bollywood ( I hate this term ..), its full of broken marriages and tragic love stories Gurudatt- Waheeda, Amitabh-Rekha, Devanand-Surraiya to name a few. who is the culprit,You can not say.
we can not look ahead in time so we can not decide our future, Present is what we see so that should be our only concern. Be sure that if you act sensibly in present your future ll be good.
One should do/not do things for which he regrets in the future. As they say "Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said that it'd be easy, they just promised it would be worth it." so Go ahead take your chances and u ll be the happiest person around.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lets catch up ..

I never believed in reserving a particular day to celebrate something like friendship or love. i always thought these are just marketing gimics used by big companies to fool peoples to take money out of their pockets. I was in a late night movie and as soon as clock ticked 12 my cellphone ringed with first friendship day message I replied with casual "same to you". Some more messages some more "same to you". yeah SMSing is good.
Its 10:00 am, I opened my eyes and reached for the TV remote it was a commercial from a social networking site. The message was --" Jobs go, money goes, love goes, children go, but friends stay " hmmm... good one. News paper was all splashed up with friendship day specials hmmm I need a chai and kachauri from my college canteen. A TV channel is showing a complete season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S back to back, man this is really cool I love this show. I have to go out for some work and it started raining heavily I like driving in rain but I miss some more bikers. Its lunch time I ordered "Chilli Paneer" ummmmm.. its good but it tasted better on those sunday night college parties....... Hey I miss all those people, who needs a special day for friendship any time is good to catch up. I reach put for my cell phone and started making calls randomly to the people who make everyday special one.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Idea of India - The glory of the past

India is an amazing country. Its really different and more vibrant than any other part of the world and so is the people living in this country. Spirituality and philosophy is the language that is spoken in every nook and corner of this country. we had discovered/invented and forgot concepts 1000's of years ago that the rest of the world is playing till 20Th century. Aryabhatta and VarahMihir have provided the view of solar system way before Copernicus and Galileo. Revolutionary concepts like theory of relativity and Gravity were discussed in our holy scriptures like Ramayan and Mahabharat. Today we marvel the technologies like cloning that some so called first world countries made possible but we had this science thousands of years back (In Mahabharat it has been described that Vedavyasa took some cells from gandhari's body and he divided it into 100 parts and thus 100 Kuravas got life).Birth of pandavas can also be explained with technologies like test tube baby. Aeroplane( Pushpak Viman) and Neuclear weapons( Brmhastra and other deadly weapons) were very common things in those scriptures.
I know the reader must be thinking that these books are just plain fiction and these description doesn't prove that these advanced technologies were available at that time. My point is the most important part in a discovery is the concept and as soon as someone gets the idea of something it will be converted into reality in no time. The author of these scriptures were so convinced about these ideas that they were not hesitant in writing their story around it. And if you still say that a story is just a story than remember when we are writing stories about neuclear weapons, aeroplanes, cloning and possibility of human colonies on other planets ( what do you think vishwakarma did when he built a separate world for Trishanku when he was not accepted in heaven) the so called first and second world was either covered in snow or they were still trying to light there first fire.
There were descriptions about technologies that are our imagination and comprehensibility of modern science and still part of science fictions and Hollywood movies. We have descriptions about future visions, remote vision, human transmission, invisibility, brain programming etc. the list is as long as the history of this country. The word "GADNA"(calculation) was a very important part of these description which proves that these things are thought as scince and not as magic.
The knowledge about all these things has been written and stored in "Pandulipis" (a book with wood as paper) , and we have lost all that knowledge over the period of time.
One of the several incidents that killed this valuable knowledge is burning of Takshashila library by "Gazni". I read a description somewhere about this event that the library was a group of 3 buildings each 9 story high and it kept burning for six months. Just imagine in those days when printing press was not invented and books were written manually hence no multiple copies how many books would have been destroyed.
No one is eligible to enjoy the inherited wealth if you can not protect it thats what happened to India and Indians........

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Idea of India

"The Dollar earning generation of this country is just the 0.5% of the lot what this country is capable of. The Idea of India is still hidden in clouds and when these clouds will be cleared India will again be the world leader". I read this sentence somewhere and it pretty much summarizes
what our visionaries are thinking of our future. "India Shining" this is the term that has been overused in various forms these days. and it prompted a debate inside me some excerpts from it.
A lot of fortune tellers, financial experts, politicians claimed that India will be next Superpower/World-Leader, I don't know whether they actually believe it or they are just in search for short cut to fame club. The reality is Indian economy is at least 50 years behind US and hugely dependent on it, our fellow runner in the Superpower race is China.Research says even if we maintain GDP rate of 9% till 2020 India will accumulate same numbers for foreign reserves that Chinese targeted and achieved in 2007.Despite producing maximum number of movies Hindi film industry is still a poor cousin of Hollywood. Olympic medals that we have won till date is less than china or US get in one year.
We often get thrashed in the game of cricket that we play best.Oscar,Booker and Nobel has been the ultimate dream for us but we were only able to produce 3 4 so called Indian winners( i dont want to challenge here the nationality of Amartya Sen and Salman Rushdie).
But despite all these failures or partial successes we had a glorious history behind us. India was at the top of the world for nearly 4000 years.But future can not be written from the old ink. So are we really capable of achieving that glory again. well may be India is shining for BJP but this shine is not bright enough to light tomorrow..... or may be it is !!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom ...........

Now i cant write a review on Gulzar. He is beyond any review and comments but as i am listening to his latest feat Nth time, i am tempted to tribute this genius.
"Sampooran singh Gulzar" (yup thats his full name ....) has a knack of producing masterpieces whenever he does something. He debuted as songwriter in "Bandini" and Lata mangeshkar got her best work "Mera gora ang laile.." and who can forget "O majhi re..". The next thing He did was writing screenplays and written "Anand", the songs and movie is in everyones all time favorite lists. "Mere Apne" was his directorial debut and "Vinod Khanna" got the role of his life. He reinvented Jitendra and made him wear a mustache in "Parichay" which he kept for next 10-15 years ( :D). "Koshish" , "Achanak" (one of my favorite, Vinod khanna was too good in this movie ), were other gems from this maestro.
Than he did comedy and "Angoor" became one of the best comedy movie of all times.
80's and 90's were a slowdown probably it was a lack of quality talents, but still he manages some great works like "Andhi" which was seen as a strong political statement and banned for a while, "Is mod se jate hai kuchh sust kadam raste, kuchh tej kadam rahen ...." was simply awesome.Than he did "Masoom" and written songs for all age in this movie, "lakdi ki kathi" is best thing written for children in Hindi film industry till date. He has given the best role to Shridevi and Kamal hasan(in his small hindi film stint) in Sadma.
He did everything from writing songs, jingles, Gazal ,screenplays, poetry, children books. he was director, producer assistant. He invented a new writing style "Triveni .."( His private album "Koi baat chale.." with jagjeet singh has been written using this new style only.)
The best thing was Gulzar is that his work is so simple and yet so complex, his language is symbolic and he says complex and otherwise impossible emotions in surprisingly simple lines.
"Tujhse naraj nahi Jindagi hairan hoon ...." explains the dilemma of a father and a husband in a single line, "Aane wala pal jane wala hai ...." so simple yet so complex..., "Mera kuchh saman aapke pass hai ...." just mindblowing.
Gulzar can come to the level of intended audience and than writes his music. "Bidi jalaiyeke ...." and "Kajra re..." are so beautifully written and absolutely rocking in any crowd. "Chaiyya chaiyya ..." manages foot tapping from everyone and still the lyrics are a matter of study for Urdu scholars. "Chadhdhi pahan ke phool khila hai ..." who else can think of such simple lines.
He explains the complexity of human relations in beautiful obvious words "hath chhute bhi to rishte nahi toda karte, waqt ki sakh se lamhe nahi toda karte.." and you are feeling the pain of the character.
His latest work Jhoom barabar Jhoom is no different, "Bol na halke halke....." and "Kiss of love ..." are two totaly opposite songs but i have only word to describe them "SIMPLY SUPERB ...."

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Prashant on sale

Sunday, May 27, 2007

All of them....

I can chat with one of them for hours over crazy things because everything in and out of this world has to be discussed.
I can be with one of them sitting quite for hours because there is no need of communication
I can take on any challenge when one of them is with me because i care.
I can be totally relaxed and tension free because one of them is around to take care of everything.
I can be the most effective worker when one of them is working with me because work dose not feel like work then.
I can be the laziest when one of them is around because no work more is important.
They are all different, but they are all same for me ... one of the most important ingredients of life..... FRIENDS..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ek hasin hadsa

khayalon me gum sa main kahin ja raha tha
ek anjan sa nagma gunguna raha tha
ki achanak kisi ne ek aawaj di
us aawaj me kuchh wohi baat thi
thi masumiyat wohi aur wohi sadgi
sardiyon ki dhoop sa ehsas tha
mahakti chandni ka andaj tha
palat ke jo dekha to koi bhi na tha
main wapis muda aur fir chalne laga
par mujhe ab bhi ye yakin tha
ki wo anjan nagma wo bhi ga raha tha

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Confessions of a "Innocent" vegitarian .....

So I am a Brahmin and that makes you a vegetarian by default... But I think I was an exception. Mom used to tell me that when I was a toddler, whenever I see an ant (the ones that usually found in our homes thick black and about 1/4 in long) I start playing with it as a lion plays with his helpless prey. The poor thing fights bravely but... hey its only 1/4 inches and I was 2 feet and size matters in these kind of fights. So when it stops moving, I stuff it in my mouth. But Human stomach is not meant for digesting keratin, so the dead body of those helpless creatures appears in the poo... next morning. But that is the only case when I remember eating up another living thing alive or dead.
My transformation from a carnivorous to an herbivorous started when I got a little understanding of things and realized that vegetarian food tastes better than ants. Than at the age of five I got enlightened by an incident which changed my food habits for next 12 years ... I was playing football with a cauliflower (which has been stolen from the kitchen because we lost one which was actually meant for playing :D ) and suddenly one scrap of it started moving, a close look of it revealed that it was a caterpillar and than I decided I wont eat stuff that these insects are eating. So the cauliflower has been removed from our menu.

When I joined college which was out of my hometown I became semi-vegetarian( thanks to all those dishes served in Hostel mess which were named after vegetarian dishes but you can find everything from nuts and bolt, cockroaches, insects and everything that is present in Hostel ecosystem ). This stage was like a military training in my life, it makes you so tough that you can eat anything, can sleep anywhere and can live without any of those so called required things. Anyway this is not what this post is all about.
So coming back to the topic things changed when I joined my first company which was in southern part of India and everything there is cooked using coconuts and rice.
So for almost 6 months I had "Dosa" for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner and now if I am dying from hunger I can’t eat Dosa. (Not my fault ...)
than I ve to Come to the Land of Opportunities (read USA) for some assignment, at lunch time I went to the food court it was a decent place with some 7 - 8 different kind of stalls, but the only visible veggie choice available was "Veggie Burger". The Burger tasted funny but as it was "Veggie" so I ate it with no complaint. Next I day I got the same thing and while paying for it the cashier called it a cheese Burger. So I assumed a Veggie Burger is also called Cheese Burger.
And then I ordered a cheese burger and the first bite told me that something is wrong so I removed the petty inside it and ate the bread only. Everything was fine until here... but then I committed a mistake of asking the ingredients of a cheese Burger, the person replied ... it has bread, cheese, lettuce, and beef.............. Did you say Beef?? yes sir you know cow meat ...
damn it ......
I took a deep breath and consoled myself ... It was just a innocent mistake I dint know it had something which was not meant to eaten by a religious Indian..
So after that I stick to a veggie burger "with no meat" option for my further visits to this cow eating country.
After these horrible experiences I learned how to cook Maggie noodles.... I can also make tea but that I don’t drink so it was of no use...
so I make sure that when I go again to this country I take 2 3 kilos of Maggie with me... but things can be planned according to you so sometimes I have to stay late in the office and than these Gora folks comes with seafood restaurant menu and asked me what you want.... I scanned through the menu; the only thing that was not prepared from animal products was onion rings ...
so I asked for it... She said it’s a side dish.... (Oh... for god sake I know no body eats "Pakodas" for dinner ....) I smiled and said I am ok....
So next time she ordered pizzas... some veggie and some nonveggie... I took one slice which looked like one with cheese it was delicious...... Everything was fine and as I was approaching for another slice... the person sitting next to me started throwing up ... he was a born and brought up in US and was Muslim ..... He was eating the same thing that I was munching on...
I looked at him and than at the pizza in my hand.... when he came back after washing his mouth I asked what is it.... "IT was a pepperoni ....” Ok so now I tasted beef and pork good ............
the other day I was on highway and I felt like eating something... but I don’t wanted to be a victim of US food again... then I saw a McDonald ... that was something familiar. I went in and asked for something veggie with "No Meat" he said off course we do have... would you like to have something with chicken ... No something VEGGIE... with "No MEAT and NO CHICKEN .."
He said ok we have some Fish for you.... Oh god they don’t understand what is a veggie food ...
No something with "No MEAT, NO CHICKEN AND NO FISH..."
He looked at me upside down and gave a look as he has just seen an alien "We have French fries and onion rings.. FOR YOU SIR!!" Thank you, I ll have French fries please..
Than one day I dare to ask someone the ingredients of my favorite "Veggie Burger" and the answer was It has bread, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and "CHICKEN" petty.................

A nice online Burger

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Morning rain ......

ek ummeed to thi dil me tere aane ki
kuchh baten thi apni jo batani thi...

dekhi thi ek kashti hamne khayalon me
khel teri julfo aur hawa ke jhonko ka

socha tha ki abke barish me bheegenge ham
garam makke ke dane aur pahli barish ke chheente

aaj barish bhi hai aur chulhe me makke bhi
nahi hai to bas tu aur mitti ki wo mahak ...........

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Age does not protect you from love, but the opposite is true .....

I met this Guy( lets call him Rahul for the sake of a reference in this post) who was nice, 5'1'1', fun to chat with, intelligent , can appreciate likes of Jagjeet singh and Robert M Pirsig, has a soothing tone, earns a handsome 6 figure salary in $$, and was in his late 20s . His better half (lets call her Sheela , Again for reference purposes) was also good looking, nice, very good education background, intelligent, great taste of music books and movies, and was in her early 60s.
Rahul and Sheela were like any other couple, they fight for hours over "Immaterial" things and mad for each other ,so when they are driving to the work in their cars they are hooked to the bluetooth all the time discussing various "Immaterial" things.
They were happy, full of satisfaction, enjoying every moment of life. This relationship was the best thing that happened to their life.
There family refused to accept this relationship, even when i saw them first somewhere deep in i felt sorry for Rahul, and i cant help thinking what will happen after 10-15 years when Sheela will be in her final years...... I dont understand why someone would be in this kind of relationship.May be they are just on a different level ....
But today they are so happy with life that you tend to forget all these "Immaterial" things.
So as they say "Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life................"

Saturday, April 14, 2007

आज फिर तुमपे प्यार आया है !!!!

यूं भीड़ मे अकेले चलते हुये
दिन के अंधेरों मे निकल्ते हुये

जलसों की अकेली तनहाइयों मे
हमदर्दों की अजब सी रुसवाइयोँ मे

हँसते हुये तेरे चेहरे का
ख़यालों पे लबों के इस पहरे का
दिल मे फिर वोही ख़याल आया है

dont worry nothing serious just checking blogger Hindi Fonts ;)........

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Magic...............

1 Old Willey jeep, a hilly jungle track, a great sunset, a car Stereo playing a NFK qawwali but the voice belongs to a female folk pakistani singer somewhat similar to Reshma. Everyone is just enjoying the moment although we met after a long time but no one is talking. The Setting sun , february wind , and that rustic voice ..............

Yeah Joh Halka Halka Saroor Hai
Yeah Teri Nazar Ka Qasoor Hai
K Sharab Peena Sikha Diya
Tairay Pyar Nai, Teri Chaah Nai
Teri Behki Behki Nigaah Nai
Mujhay Ik Sharabi Bana Diya…

Sharab Kaisi , Khumaar Kaisa
Yeah Sub Tumhari Nawazishein Hein
Pilai Hai Kiss Nazar Say Tu Nai
K Mujhko Apni Khabar Nahi Hai
Teri Behki Behki Nigah Nai
Mujhe Ik Sharabi Bana Dia....

Sara Jahan Must, Jahan Ka Nizam Must
Din Must, Raat Must, Saher Must, Shaam Must
Dil Must, Sheesha Must, Sabu Must, Jaam Must
Hai Teri Chashm-E-Must Say Her Khaas-O-Aam Must

Yoon To Saqi Her Tarah Ki Tere MaiKhane Mein Hai
Woh Bhi Thori Si Jo In Aankhon K Paimane Mein Hai
Sub Samajhta Hoon Teri Ishwa-Kari Ay Saqi
Kaam Karti Hai Nazar Naam Hai Paimane Ka.. Bus!
Teri Behki Behki Nigah Nai
Mujhe Ik Sharabi Bana Diya...

Tera Pyar Hai Meri Zindagi
Tera Pyar Hai Meri Bandagi
Tera Pyar Hai Bas Meri Zindagi, Tera Pyar Hai Bas Meri Zindagi
Na Namaz Aati Hai Mujhko, Na Wazoo Aata Hai
Sajda Kar Leta Hoon, Jab Saamnay Tu Aata Hai
Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai....

Mai Azal Say Banda-E-Ishq Hoon, Mujhe Zohd-O-Kufr Ka Gham Nahin
Mere Sir Ko Dar Tera Mil Gaya, Mujhe Ab Talash-E-Haram Nahi
Meri Bandagi Hai Wo Bandagi, Jo Muqeed-E-Dair-O-Haram Nahi
Mera Ik Nazar Tumhein Dekhna, Ba Khuda Namaz Se Kam Nahi
Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai...
Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai...

Tera Naam Loon Zubaan Say, Tere Aagay Sir Jhuka Doon
Mera Ishq Keh Raha Hai, Mein Tujhe Khuda Bana Doon
Tera Naam Mere Lub Per, Mera Tazkara Hai Dar Dar
Mujhay Bhool Ja'ay Dunya, Mein Agar Tujhe Bhula Doon
Mere Dil Mein Bus Rahe Hein, Tere Bepanah Jalwe
Na Ho Jiss Mein Noor Tera, Woh Charagh Hi Bujha Doon

Jo Pucha K Kis Tarah Hoti Hai Baarish, Jabeen Se Paseene Ki Boondein Gira Di
Jo Pucha K Kis Tarah Girti Hai Bijli, Nigahein Milaein Mila Kar Jhuka Dein
Jo Pucha Shab-O-Roz Milte Hain Kaise, To Chehre Pe Apne Wo Zulfein Hata Deein
Jo Pucha K Naghmon Mein Jaadu Hai Kaisa, To Meethe Takallum Mein Baatein Suna Deein
Jo Apni Tamanaon Ka Haal Poocha , To Jalti Howi Chand Shamein Bhujha Deein
Main Kehta Reh Gaya Khata-E-Mohabbat Ki Achi Saza Di

Mere Dil Ki Dunya Bana Kar Mita Di, Acha!
Mere Baad Kisko Satao Gay,
Mujhe Kis Tarah Se Mitao Gay
Kahan Ja Ke Teer Chalao Gay

Meri Dosti Ki Balaein Lo
Mujhe Haath Utha Kar Duaein Do, Tumhein Ek Qatil Bana Diya
Mujhe Daikho Khuwahish-E-Jan-E-Jaan
Main Wohi Hoon Anwar-E-Nim Jaan

Tumhain Itna Hosh Tha Jub Kahan
Na Chalao Is Tarah Tum Zaban
Karo Mera Shukriya Meherban
Tumhein Baat Karna Sikha Diya...

Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai, Yeh Teri Nazar Ka Kasoor Hai
Kay Sharab Peena Sikha Diya

I tried looking for this song (not NFK version but the one referred above) but could not find it anywhere. You can not plan or recreate Magical moments...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

"People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware."
-- Alan Kay's talk at Creative Think seminar, July 20, 1982

I dont know when kay said this he was thinking about Steve or not,
but "Steve Jobs" is in love with software. Just checkout any apple product and you will start "Thinking outside PC". Back in early 80's computer industry saw the advent of 2 ultra genius personalities. Both of them were driven by there ultimate passion, and boy they got what they wanted. But i still wish if someone had given some attention to market and business requirements than i would have been writinng this post on a mac machine, too bad Steve did not considered making business applications in early SW age. anyway past is past and as Alan said " Relative judgements have no place in art" :)).
The whole point of writing this post is "I CAN'T WAIT FOR JUNE 11th ..................."

Friday, March 30, 2007

Press F1 to continue

Sometimes sw engg really turns out very funny. Everyone who is Computer literate ve seen this warning "No keyboard attached to the system. Press F1 to continue...".
the other day i was struggling with my login id, I called netops they said i have to log a ticket in some application they just bought to improve processes, and the ticket has to be logged using my login id only :(
Now I ve more of these but i cant type in my dreams GN ;) so if you are interested Press F1 to continue.

Second Inning :)

Ok so its 130 am and i am not feeling sleepy, dont have anything to read, TV is showing all kinds of "I Will Bore you" programs, and i havent recieved any of those cool fwds today. just when i have started feeling sleepy, i remembered this old blog which i created just to check out "blogging concept". and here i am promising myself that it will be no more a test blog, and i ll write something relevent. And this time i am serious :))