Friday, March 30, 2007

Press F1 to continue

Sometimes sw engg really turns out very funny. Everyone who is Computer literate ve seen this warning "No keyboard attached to the system. Press F1 to continue...".
the other day i was struggling with my login id, I called netops they said i have to log a ticket in some application they just bought to improve processes, and the ticket has to be logged using my login id only :(
Now I ve more of these but i cant type in my dreams GN ;) so if you are interested Press F1 to continue.

Second Inning :)

Ok so its 130 am and i am not feeling sleepy, dont have anything to read, TV is showing all kinds of "I Will Bore you" programs, and i havent recieved any of those cool fwds today. just when i have started feeling sleepy, i remembered this old blog which i created just to check out "blogging concept". and here i am promising myself that it will be no more a test blog, and i ll write something relevent. And this time i am serious :))