Thursday, April 26, 2007

Morning rain ......

ek ummeed to thi dil me tere aane ki
kuchh baten thi apni jo batani thi...

dekhi thi ek kashti hamne khayalon me
khel teri julfo aur hawa ke jhonko ka

socha tha ki abke barish me bheegenge ham
garam makke ke dane aur pahli barish ke chheente

aaj barish bhi hai aur chulhe me makke bhi
nahi hai to bas tu aur mitti ki wo mahak ...........

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Age does not protect you from love, but the opposite is true .....

I met this Guy( lets call him Rahul for the sake of a reference in this post) who was nice, 5'1'1', fun to chat with, intelligent , can appreciate likes of Jagjeet singh and Robert M Pirsig, has a soothing tone, earns a handsome 6 figure salary in $$, and was in his late 20s . His better half (lets call her Sheela , Again for reference purposes) was also good looking, nice, very good education background, intelligent, great taste of music books and movies, and was in her early 60s.
Rahul and Sheela were like any other couple, they fight for hours over "Immaterial" things and mad for each other ,so when they are driving to the work in their cars they are hooked to the bluetooth all the time discussing various "Immaterial" things.
They were happy, full of satisfaction, enjoying every moment of life. This relationship was the best thing that happened to their life.
There family refused to accept this relationship, even when i saw them first somewhere deep in i felt sorry for Rahul, and i cant help thinking what will happen after 10-15 years when Sheela will be in her final years...... I dont understand why someone would be in this kind of relationship.May be they are just on a different level ....
But today they are so happy with life that you tend to forget all these "Immaterial" things.
So as they say "Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life................"

Saturday, April 14, 2007

आज फिर तुमपे प्यार आया है !!!!

यूं भीड़ मे अकेले चलते हुये
दिन के अंधेरों मे निकल्ते हुये

जलसों की अकेली तनहाइयों मे
हमदर्दों की अजब सी रुसवाइयोँ मे

हँसते हुये तेरे चेहरे का
ख़यालों पे लबों के इस पहरे का
दिल मे फिर वोही ख़याल आया है

dont worry nothing serious just checking blogger Hindi Fonts ;)........

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Magic...............

1 Old Willey jeep, a hilly jungle track, a great sunset, a car Stereo playing a NFK qawwali but the voice belongs to a female folk pakistani singer somewhat similar to Reshma. Everyone is just enjoying the moment although we met after a long time but no one is talking. The Setting sun , february wind , and that rustic voice ..............

Yeah Joh Halka Halka Saroor Hai
Yeah Teri Nazar Ka Qasoor Hai
K Sharab Peena Sikha Diya
Tairay Pyar Nai, Teri Chaah Nai
Teri Behki Behki Nigaah Nai
Mujhay Ik Sharabi Bana Diya…

Sharab Kaisi , Khumaar Kaisa
Yeah Sub Tumhari Nawazishein Hein
Pilai Hai Kiss Nazar Say Tu Nai
K Mujhko Apni Khabar Nahi Hai
Teri Behki Behki Nigah Nai
Mujhe Ik Sharabi Bana Dia....

Sara Jahan Must, Jahan Ka Nizam Must
Din Must, Raat Must, Saher Must, Shaam Must
Dil Must, Sheesha Must, Sabu Must, Jaam Must
Hai Teri Chashm-E-Must Say Her Khaas-O-Aam Must

Yoon To Saqi Her Tarah Ki Tere MaiKhane Mein Hai
Woh Bhi Thori Si Jo In Aankhon K Paimane Mein Hai
Sub Samajhta Hoon Teri Ishwa-Kari Ay Saqi
Kaam Karti Hai Nazar Naam Hai Paimane Ka.. Bus!
Teri Behki Behki Nigah Nai
Mujhe Ik Sharabi Bana Diya...

Tera Pyar Hai Meri Zindagi
Tera Pyar Hai Meri Bandagi
Tera Pyar Hai Bas Meri Zindagi, Tera Pyar Hai Bas Meri Zindagi
Na Namaz Aati Hai Mujhko, Na Wazoo Aata Hai
Sajda Kar Leta Hoon, Jab Saamnay Tu Aata Hai
Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai....

Mai Azal Say Banda-E-Ishq Hoon, Mujhe Zohd-O-Kufr Ka Gham Nahin
Mere Sir Ko Dar Tera Mil Gaya, Mujhe Ab Talash-E-Haram Nahi
Meri Bandagi Hai Wo Bandagi, Jo Muqeed-E-Dair-O-Haram Nahi
Mera Ik Nazar Tumhein Dekhna, Ba Khuda Namaz Se Kam Nahi
Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai...
Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai...

Tera Naam Loon Zubaan Say, Tere Aagay Sir Jhuka Doon
Mera Ishq Keh Raha Hai, Mein Tujhe Khuda Bana Doon
Tera Naam Mere Lub Per, Mera Tazkara Hai Dar Dar
Mujhay Bhool Ja'ay Dunya, Mein Agar Tujhe Bhula Doon
Mere Dil Mein Bus Rahe Hein, Tere Bepanah Jalwe
Na Ho Jiss Mein Noor Tera, Woh Charagh Hi Bujha Doon

Jo Pucha K Kis Tarah Hoti Hai Baarish, Jabeen Se Paseene Ki Boondein Gira Di
Jo Pucha K Kis Tarah Girti Hai Bijli, Nigahein Milaein Mila Kar Jhuka Dein
Jo Pucha Shab-O-Roz Milte Hain Kaise, To Chehre Pe Apne Wo Zulfein Hata Deein
Jo Pucha K Naghmon Mein Jaadu Hai Kaisa, To Meethe Takallum Mein Baatein Suna Deein
Jo Apni Tamanaon Ka Haal Poocha , To Jalti Howi Chand Shamein Bhujha Deein
Main Kehta Reh Gaya Khata-E-Mohabbat Ki Achi Saza Di

Mere Dil Ki Dunya Bana Kar Mita Di, Acha!
Mere Baad Kisko Satao Gay,
Mujhe Kis Tarah Se Mitao Gay
Kahan Ja Ke Teer Chalao Gay

Meri Dosti Ki Balaein Lo
Mujhe Haath Utha Kar Duaein Do, Tumhein Ek Qatil Bana Diya
Mujhe Daikho Khuwahish-E-Jan-E-Jaan
Main Wohi Hoon Anwar-E-Nim Jaan

Tumhain Itna Hosh Tha Jub Kahan
Na Chalao Is Tarah Tum Zaban
Karo Mera Shukriya Meherban
Tumhein Baat Karna Sikha Diya...

Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai, Yeh Teri Nazar Ka Kasoor Hai
Kay Sharab Peena Sikha Diya

I tried looking for this song (not NFK version but the one referred above) but could not find it anywhere. You can not plan or recreate Magical moments...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

"People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware."
-- Alan Kay's talk at Creative Think seminar, July 20, 1982

I dont know when kay said this he was thinking about Steve or not,
but "Steve Jobs" is in love with software. Just checkout any apple product and you will start "Thinking outside PC". Back in early 80's computer industry saw the advent of 2 ultra genius personalities. Both of them were driven by there ultimate passion, and boy they got what they wanted. But i still wish if someone had given some attention to market and business requirements than i would have been writinng this post on a mac machine, too bad Steve did not considered making business applications in early SW age. anyway past is past and as Alan said " Relative judgements have no place in art" :)).
The whole point of writing this post is "I CAN'T WAIT FOR JUNE 11th ..................."