Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Age does not protect you from love, but the opposite is true .....

I met this Guy( lets call him Rahul for the sake of a reference in this post) who was nice, 5'1'1', fun to chat with, intelligent , can appreciate likes of Jagjeet singh and Robert M Pirsig, has a soothing tone, earns a handsome 6 figure salary in $$, and was in his late 20s . His better half (lets call her Sheela , Again for reference purposes) was also good looking, nice, very good education background, intelligent, great taste of music books and movies, and was in her early 60s.
Rahul and Sheela were like any other couple, they fight for hours over "Immaterial" things and mad for each other ,so when they are driving to the work in their cars they are hooked to the bluetooth all the time discussing various "Immaterial" things.
They were happy, full of satisfaction, enjoying every moment of life. This relationship was the best thing that happened to their life.
There family refused to accept this relationship, even when i saw them first somewhere deep in i felt sorry for Rahul, and i cant help thinking what will happen after 10-15 years when Sheela will be in her final years...... I dont understand why someone would be in this kind of relationship.May be they are just on a different level ....
But today they are so happy with life that you tend to forget all these "Immaterial" things.
So as they say "Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life................"

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