Sunday, May 27, 2007

All of them....

I can chat with one of them for hours over crazy things because everything in and out of this world has to be discussed.
I can be with one of them sitting quite for hours because there is no need of communication
I can take on any challenge when one of them is with me because i care.
I can be totally relaxed and tension free because one of them is around to take care of everything.
I can be the most effective worker when one of them is working with me because work dose not feel like work then.
I can be the laziest when one of them is around because no work more is important.
They are all different, but they are all same for me ... one of the most important ingredients of life..... FRIENDS..


Smriti said...

not bad...!! so now apart from everything else... Mr. Mishra can chat too!!! but something is missing..... lemme guess..... telepathy !!!!

Prashant said...


Anonymous said...

u r lucky

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