Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom ...........

Now i cant write a review on Gulzar. He is beyond any review and comments but as i am listening to his latest feat Nth time, i am tempted to tribute this genius.
"Sampooran singh Gulzar" (yup thats his full name ....) has a knack of producing masterpieces whenever he does something. He debuted as songwriter in "Bandini" and Lata mangeshkar got her best work "Mera gora ang laile.." and who can forget "O majhi re..". The next thing He did was writing screenplays and written "Anand", the songs and movie is in everyones all time favorite lists. "Mere Apne" was his directorial debut and "Vinod Khanna" got the role of his life. He reinvented Jitendra and made him wear a mustache in "Parichay" which he kept for next 10-15 years ( :D). "Koshish" , "Achanak" (one of my favorite, Vinod khanna was too good in this movie ), were other gems from this maestro.
Than he did comedy and "Angoor" became one of the best comedy movie of all times.
80's and 90's were a slowdown probably it was a lack of quality talents, but still he manages some great works like "Andhi" which was seen as a strong political statement and banned for a while, "Is mod se jate hai kuchh sust kadam raste, kuchh tej kadam rahen ...." was simply awesome.Than he did "Masoom" and written songs for all age in this movie, "lakdi ki kathi" is best thing written for children in Hindi film industry till date. He has given the best role to Shridevi and Kamal hasan(in his small hindi film stint) in Sadma.
He did everything from writing songs, jingles, Gazal ,screenplays, poetry, children books. he was director, producer assistant. He invented a new writing style "Triveni .."( His private album "Koi baat chale.." with jagjeet singh has been written using this new style only.)
The best thing was Gulzar is that his work is so simple and yet so complex, his language is symbolic and he says complex and otherwise impossible emotions in surprisingly simple lines.
"Tujhse naraj nahi Jindagi hairan hoon ...." explains the dilemma of a father and a husband in a single line, "Aane wala pal jane wala hai ...." so simple yet so complex..., "Mera kuchh saman aapke pass hai ...." just mindblowing.
Gulzar can come to the level of intended audience and than writes his music. "Bidi jalaiyeke ...." and "Kajra re..." are so beautifully written and absolutely rocking in any crowd. "Chaiyya chaiyya ..." manages foot tapping from everyone and still the lyrics are a matter of study for Urdu scholars. "Chadhdhi pahan ke phool khila hai ..." who else can think of such simple lines.
He explains the complexity of human relations in beautiful obvious words "hath chhute bhi to rishte nahi toda karte, waqt ki sakh se lamhe nahi toda karte.." and you are feeling the pain of the character.
His latest work Jhoom barabar Jhoom is no different, "Bol na halke halke....." and "Kiss of love ..." are two totaly opposite songs but i have only word to describe them "SIMPLY SUPERB ...."