Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Idea of India - The glory of the past

India is an amazing country. Its really different and more vibrant than any other part of the world and so is the people living in this country. Spirituality and philosophy is the language that is spoken in every nook and corner of this country. we had discovered/invented and forgot concepts 1000's of years ago that the rest of the world is playing till 20Th century. Aryabhatta and VarahMihir have provided the view of solar system way before Copernicus and Galileo. Revolutionary concepts like theory of relativity and Gravity were discussed in our holy scriptures like Ramayan and Mahabharat. Today we marvel the technologies like cloning that some so called first world countries made possible but we had this science thousands of years back (In Mahabharat it has been described that Vedavyasa took some cells from gandhari's body and he divided it into 100 parts and thus 100 Kuravas got life).Birth of pandavas can also be explained with technologies like test tube baby. Aeroplane( Pushpak Viman) and Neuclear weapons( Brmhastra and other deadly weapons) were very common things in those scriptures.
I know the reader must be thinking that these books are just plain fiction and these description doesn't prove that these advanced technologies were available at that time. My point is the most important part in a discovery is the concept and as soon as someone gets the idea of something it will be converted into reality in no time. The author of these scriptures were so convinced about these ideas that they were not hesitant in writing their story around it. And if you still say that a story is just a story than remember when we are writing stories about neuclear weapons, aeroplanes, cloning and possibility of human colonies on other planets ( what do you think vishwakarma did when he built a separate world for Trishanku when he was not accepted in heaven) the so called first and second world was either covered in snow or they were still trying to light there first fire.
There were descriptions about technologies that are our imagination and comprehensibility of modern science and still part of science fictions and Hollywood movies. We have descriptions about future visions, remote vision, human transmission, invisibility, brain programming etc. the list is as long as the history of this country. The word "GADNA"(calculation) was a very important part of these description which proves that these things are thought as scince and not as magic.
The knowledge about all these things has been written and stored in "Pandulipis" (a book with wood as paper) , and we have lost all that knowledge over the period of time.
One of the several incidents that killed this valuable knowledge is burning of Takshashila library by "Gazni". I read a description somewhere about this event that the library was a group of 3 buildings each 9 story high and it kept burning for six months. Just imagine in those days when printing press was not invented and books were written manually hence no multiple copies how many books would have been destroyed.
No one is eligible to enjoy the inherited wealth if you can not protect it thats what happened to India and Indians........

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Sohil Shah said...

Again an amazing piece of work by prashant...
Prashant,we want more of 'THE IDEA OF INDIA'

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