Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lets catch up ..

I never believed in reserving a particular day to celebrate something like friendship or love. i always thought these are just marketing gimics used by big companies to fool peoples to take money out of their pockets. I was in a late night movie and as soon as clock ticked 12 my cellphone ringed with first friendship day message I replied with casual "same to you". Some more messages some more "same to you". yeah SMSing is good.
Its 10:00 am, I opened my eyes and reached for the TV remote it was a commercial from a social networking site. The message was --" Jobs go, money goes, love goes, children go, but friends stay " hmmm... good one. News paper was all splashed up with friendship day specials hmmm I need a chai and kachauri from my college canteen. A TV channel is showing a complete season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S back to back, man this is really cool I love this show. I have to go out for some work and it started raining heavily I like driving in rain but I miss some more bikers. Its lunch time I ordered "Chilli Paneer" ummmmm.. its good but it tasted better on those sunday night college parties....... Hey I miss all those people, who needs a special day for friendship any time is good to catch up. I reach put for my cell phone and started making calls randomly to the people who make everyday special one.

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