Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kuchh to hai ...

People says east is the best side and i believe it too, if you get up early you get to see a very beautiful Sun which gets brighter by every passing moment and then it gets so strong that you can not rest your eyes on it, now its something different.
West is good too, my penthouse has west facing terrace. thats my favorite place.If you are lucky you will get time to witness the sun slowing down. and it gets bigger,better and more colorful. Then a very cool soothing wind start flowing from that direction as if The sun has exhausted all its heat and now trying to relax. This wind is particularly good. "Zephyr" or west wind as they call it is a sign of happiness. These are welcomed by Indian farmers as it brings occasional rains.
sometimes this night breeze brings a very happy scent in it. I don't know what is it but its good.
And sometimes when the moon appears on this side of the sky its more beautiful than other nights. the size is almost similar to a football ( i know thats a wrong scale to compare but come on .... :) ).
I just wonder why this side gets more happy alive as sun goes down, something is there in that direction something is there for sure ......

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