Thursday, November 22, 2007

3 AM friends

nobody wants to be alone. People come close when they share something,a class, school, workplace , common interest etc. That gives them something to discuss or spend time together and they know each other.Then there is something called frequency matching which decides the degree of this closeness. This closeness is called friendship. Anyone can be your friend- a person, your favorite toy, or some place . It can be anything that you connect with, anything that you enjoy being with. now there is a very special category of these friends which i call 3 A.M. friends. you can tell anything to them without the need of phrasing your sentences, without worrying about how to start or end, without worrying about the length and time of conversation and without the need to fill awkward gaps and pauses. You are down with all kind of issues in your life and than you go to your 3 A.M. buddy cry out, curse people, shout on your buddy, laugh about absolutely anything, discuss something else which is noway related to the matter, or simply dont say anything just sit quite on the rooftop beside your buddy counting stars. No matter what you speak they know exactly what you are talking about and whats bugging you.
SO if you have one you are lucky, if you have 2 you will never be in depression and if you have more than that :) you are favorite among angels.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Picture abhi Baki hai !!

A lot has been done in Hindi film industry in the name of "Inspiration" and "Originality". And they were successful in keeping the cash registers busy. Movie business is getting professional day by day which is good. But it is turning our creative brains into money spinning machines instead of providing them liberty of making masterpieces. when was the last time we had a good soundtrack which was humable even after six months of release or a dialogue matching the effect of "kitne aadmi the". I guess the passion for Good Movie making is drying out. or is it just the "Old getting better" funda. probably our next generation will appreciate "kajra-re" as much as I love "Rang Barse...".
Just saw ''Om Shanti Om". The "tribute" to 70's, much hyped "Six Packs" of SRK, and the War of words bw OSO and Sawariya camps. The movie was interesting. Farah khan picked up various small and interesting things from the everywhere. SRK delivering lines "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn", The tagline from "The Alchemist",Akshay kumar stunts from some french movie,The use of CGI technique to bring old and new stars together, The comeback composition from Pyarelal( dastan-e-Om Shanti Om), The Song with 31 stars, and to top that all Deepika Padukone. It was all fun.
The interesting thing was everyone knows the plot, the scene and dialogues were not original but still the Khan duo was able to put an entertaining show. A complete Diwali package.