Thursday, December 27, 2007

Different Strokes..

Some random tunes.....

Halka Halka Saroor: This Famous Quwali from NFK needs no comments one of the finest song from him(link to the original) .When I heard this adaption by An american guitarist Jeff Buckley I was not sure if I am liking it or hating it, But No doubt a great tribute to NFK and his timeless voice.

Ye desh hai veer Jawano Ka: The song was written as a triumph of post Independent India. Because of its melodious tune and High on energy vocals its recognizable to all age groups. No social gathering related to "DeshPrem" can be completed without playing this number and still the biggest crowd puller on the dance floor.

Ramaiyya Vastavayya: A timeless number no comments

English Patient: One of the finest love stories on the silver screen. The original book has been translated in more than 300 languages. There was something different about the title track. It was an unusually gloomy Hungarian tune which I kept repeating again and again.

final countdown: This Hard Rock number from "Europe" has some "Deja Vu" kind of feeling. Its official anthem of many sport teams, Even in colleges every batch recognize it as their anthem.

Bombay theme: This Tune marked A.R. Rehman as "The Musical Genius"

James Bond: The Most popular tune of the 20th century. First time played in Dr. NO. and then became identity of Bond .... James Bond

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara: If you ask me anything related to Doordarshan this song will be my answer. I have grown up watching this anthem.

Jungle Book: The first serious Animation on Indian screen with Hindi characters. A wonderful story told by Rudyard Kipling in magical words of Gulzar.

Thriller : Micheal Jackson released this song in 83 and it went on to become the best of All times with over 104 millions copies sold.

Top Gun Anthem: Tom Cruise transformed from Chocolate hero to a Action king and this track surely helped him..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

WallPaper of the Day ..

I liked this pic.. the color of the moon and the silhouette of the plane on it (I dint like the fuel trail so its removed :D) . I have never seen a moon that big ....
photographer: Steve Morris

"Tare Zameen par" is par excellent. Amir khan proved that he is a great actor and a better director. The little dreamer's (Darsheel Safary) performance was a real treat to watch. He was perfect with his rabbit teeth and his face was canvassing emotions as good as his paintings. As it was a perfectionist's movie so everyone was as perfect as Academy award winning actor, Ishan' family, his best friend. The scenes when his mother is flipping Ishan's animation book and his father speaking to Amir khan in school shows the guilt of the parents of a misunderstood child.
The music and lyrics were deeply integrated to the script.
It can be easily compared to the likes of "Boot Polish" ,"Jagriti" and "Masoom". One of the best movie ever made on children.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ButterFly Effect ...

What If Amitabh Bachchan had a short name and a regular voice?
What If Sidhdhu dosent know so many Punjabi phrases?
What If we are not third in Solar system?
What If Narayan is not married to Sudha?
What If Khushwant Singh dint had a little malice?
What If Newton was hungry when that apple fell?
What If Jai dint had a fake Coin ?
What If that Ticket collector was a little more friendlier with M.K. Gandhi?
What If India is situated a little more up on the Globe?
What If JFK hadn't been shot?
What If Abhishek Bachchan Born to Jitendra?
What If It was raining when the fire was discovered?
What If Hitler was not so ambitious?
What If earth is not tilted on its axis?
What If Anil and Mukesh lived like good brothers?
What If Akio Morita listened to his father?
What If Indira Gandhi was a little less of a dictator?
What If Hunter Adams had not admitted himself to the asylum?
What If Richard Bach was not a pilot?
What If Nagraj was produced by Marvel comics?
What If Water is Colored?
What If Sky is actually Blue?
What If India is a One Language country?
What If humans can breathe underwater?
What If I haven't dreamed of you?

Monday, December 17, 2007

random thoughts ...

When the sun goes down and the its all quiet they come out of the water. Playing with the returning waves. They come out of their hideouts to marvel at the beauty of the endless sea. To enjoy the noisy calmness of the beach. I decided to catch one of them without hurting it. But those small creatures were so fast and agile that no matter how hard i ran they always had just enough time to reach the waters. Watching them running sideways is really fun. Crabs have an interesting behavior. They never reach for anything until you try to snatch it away then they try their best to take it back. Very much like humans. we also sometimes don't realize what we want from life, but as they say.... better late than never :).
B/W a very good track from Salma Hayek and Robert Rodriguez
** * translated by Google

Feel my love

A story out of time
That has no end
A love like ours
Not, and never can die
I want to be in your soul
A happy moment
Amare you forever
Live within you

In the days of pain
I feel love
That will come with the wind
That will come with the sun
In the eyes of God
Away from you
I really in Sue
Sentiras my kisses
And laugh oirias

Feeling alone
And these silent
Think of my caresses
I want to be in your soul
A happy moment
Amare you forever
Live within you

In the days of pain
I feel love

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Khwab aur Haqeekat...

Dhalte suraj ki madhdham roshni uske chehre par pad rahi hai, kuchh is tarah se ki chehra yak-soo roshan hua jata hai, Samandar se aati huyee Hawa kuchh youn chal rahi hai ki jaise uske gesoo bhi roshni ka saath de rahe hon. Gale me pada hua gulabi rang ka kapda jaise naseem ka hi hissa ho raha hai....... Ankhen kuchh adhkhuli si hai aur chehre par ek halki si shikan hai.... shayad suraj ki roshni ka hi asar hai. Honthon par ek masoom si hansi bikhari huyee hai. Maloom padta hai ki poora jahan jaise uske ird-gird ho raha hai. Shayad Suraj use dekhne ke liye hi roshan hota hai aur hawa uski khushboo pane ko hi chalti hai.
Ye Khwab tha ya haqeekat ??. ....... Khwaab hi hoga....... haan... Khwab hi hoga kyonki Haqeekat kab itni haseen hua karti hai...... lekin ...... fir kyon reh reh ke jehan me wo tasweer dikhti hai...... aur uske khayalon ki khushboo hawa me behti hai??. Ya fir Shayad Khwaab haqeekat se jyada sachche hua karte hai......

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dada again !!!

He scored his maiden Double hundread :) Highest by any Indian southpaw.

God of OffSide...

Saurav Chandi Ganguly made his debut in 1992 vs West-Indies. It was a news in the grapevines that he got this ODI birth due to his father's stature in Bengal.He made only 3 runs and was dropped immediately. Some said its because of his snobbish behavior as he refused to carry drinks on the field. Indian cricket has seen so many forgotten faces were just lucky enough to get the Indian Cap for 1 or 2 matches. Everybody thought he was just another failed "Experiment". in the history of Indian cricket, But Ganguly thought otherwise. followed by an impressive record in domestic circle he got a chance again in mecca of cricket. He scored a maiden century in his debut test 131 that is the highest by any cricketer in his debut match. A star was born. His batting was a shear pleasure to watch. The amazing eye-hand coordination made him a run machine overnight. The Indian team was struggling for a long time to find a quality opener .Ganguly was promoted to open the innings with Sachin Tendulkar and together made a lethal combination and murdered the bowling attacks from all over the world. They have the records for most successful partnerships of all times.
His love for Off side started in his childhood days when he used to play cricket in his backyard with friend Donna ( his future wife). The makeshift ground has only open spaces on the off side and Saurav loved hitting the ball so he mastered this side.
His magnificant Off-drive is a treat to watch, the ball hits the sweet of the bat and races to the boundry line before the fielder could move a muscle and spectators could blink, and then Sushil Doshi shouting "Ball par to jaise 4 run ki mohar lagi huyee thi...." . But his best shot is a sixer on Long-on. thats more of a pre-meditated shot he gallops on the pitch picks up the ball and BAM !!!! the ball travels miles beyond stadium walls. his style is pure elegance combined with fierce attitude.
In 2000 when the Indian team was at all time low amidst the Match fixing controversies the captaincy was handed over to Ganguly. And boy what a job he has done. The batting line up which was described as "The Best" on paper was in 6-7 th place in real rankings.He command of those individual talented players, and transformed "Indian Team" to "Team India". He is most successful test captain in Indian cricket history. In ODIs The Team India almost won the 2003 world cup.
He had his lean patches too when his batting was criticized. in 2000 when one ball over the shoulders was permitted his avg dipped sharply. Bowlers exploited his weakness for short deliveries. His lack of footwork was the highlight of expert opinions on all those cricket shows. He was alleged with an "ATTITUDE" problem in the dressing room, And following the dispute with an Australian Bigmouth he was condemned in 2005. Everyone thought that it was the end of the road for Ganguly, A magnificent career ended on such a wrong note. But he is no ordinary man. The "Bengal Tiger" can not be tamed by an Australian, The "Prince of Kolkata" did not require the mercy of inexperienced cricketers turned selectors. Only "Dada" can decide when he wants to Go and How. He came back in the team India and In His own style, He was the highest run getter in that South Africa tour. With various records to his name he isn't stopping soon.
He may have 1000 faults as a batsman but his attitude makes him the best. As some poet famously said
ragon mein daudte firne ke ham nahin qaayal
jo aankh hi se na tapka to fir lahoo kya hai ......

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Savere Savere .....

Koi Paas Aayaa Savere Savere
Mujhe Aazamaayaa Savere Savere

Merii Daastaaan Ko Zaraa Saa Badal Kar
Mujhe Hii Sunaayaa Savere Savere

Jo Kahataa Thaa Kal Shab Sanbhalanaa Sanbhalanaa
Vahii Ladakhadaayaa Savere Savere

Katii Raat Saarii Merii Mayakade Men
Khudaa Yaad Aayaa Savere Savere

***wish i can write like that :)
another gem from Jaggu dada collection