Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ButterFly Effect ...

What If Amitabh Bachchan had a short name and a regular voice?
What If Sidhdhu dosent know so many Punjabi phrases?
What If we are not third in Solar system?
What If Narayan is not married to Sudha?
What If Khushwant Singh dint had a little malice?
What If Newton was hungry when that apple fell?
What If Jai dint had a fake Coin ?
What If that Ticket collector was a little more friendlier with M.K. Gandhi?
What If India is situated a little more up on the Globe?
What If JFK hadn't been shot?
What If Abhishek Bachchan Born to Jitendra?
What If It was raining when the fire was discovered?
What If Hitler was not so ambitious?
What If earth is not tilted on its axis?
What If Anil and Mukesh lived like good brothers?
What If Akio Morita listened to his father?
What If Indira Gandhi was a little less of a dictator?
What If Hunter Adams had not admitted himself to the asylum?
What If Richard Bach was not a pilot?
What If Nagraj was produced by Marvel comics?
What If Water is Colored?
What If Sky is actually Blue?
What If India is a One Language country?
What If humans can breathe underwater?
What If I haven't dreamed of you?


E-nonymous said...

very interesting!

me said...

but not enough :)

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