Saturday, December 22, 2007

WallPaper of the Day ..

I liked this pic.. the color of the moon and the silhouette of the plane on it (I dint like the fuel trail so its removed :D) . I have never seen a moon that big ....
photographer: Steve Morris

"Tare Zameen par" is par excellent. Amir khan proved that he is a great actor and a better director. The little dreamer's (Darsheel Safary) performance was a real treat to watch. He was perfect with his rabbit teeth and his face was canvassing emotions as good as his paintings. As it was a perfectionist's movie so everyone was as perfect as Academy award winning actor, Ishan' family, his best friend. The scenes when his mother is flipping Ishan's animation book and his father speaking to Amir khan in school shows the guilt of the parents of a misunderstood child.
The music and lyrics were deeply integrated to the script.
It can be easily compared to the likes of "Boot Polish" ,"Jagriti" and "Masoom". One of the best movie ever made on children.

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