Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doomsday Conspiracy

Bumped into this prognosis by a Russian expert. No comments....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Truckers hat

Wo ROYE to bahut par mujhse munh mod kar roye
Koi majboori hogi jo dil tod kar ROYE
Mere saamne kar diye tukade meri tasveer ke
Maloom hua mere pichhe wo unhe jod k ROYE

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Delhi 6

This one looks like an Abhishek kinda movie ( Which is a relief after Dostana/Drona). The interesting thing is baby AB has done most of the flicks in which he is guy next door who wanna make it big. Brimming with ambitions and a strong desire to prove himself, bunty bably, bas itna sa khwab hai, yuva, Guru, Naach, Om jai jagdeesh, Tera Jadoo chal gaya to name a few. Probably the industry always saw him under the shadow of AB senior. khair ..
Rahman is doing music for the movie, another reason I am looking forward to it. motu says noone can do justise to Rahman's music except Rahman himself, I guess I agree with her on this one. Rahman rocks on his tunes. So hopefully It will be having atleast one song from him too.
The bird coming out of fountain and spreading its wings shows the caliber of the director. bw Sonam kapoor doing that dovey dance looks cute :) check out the preview

Connect ..

Monday, December 15, 2008


jo aaun samane un ke to marahabaa na kahen 
jo jaaun wahan se kahin ko, to Khairabad nahin 

kabhi jo yad bhi aata hoon main to kahate hain 
ke aaj bazm men kuchh fitna-o-fasad nahin 

tum un ke vaade zikr un se kyun karo "Ghalib" 
ye kya ke tum kaho aur vo kahen ke yaad nahin

Sunday, December 14, 2008

be the change

Jainism: one of the oldest religion that is still practiced by a large number of people. This is one institution of faith which is relatively untouched by the impurities of time. Jainism is more of a philosophy than a religion. It consists of 5 basic principles, which helps to create a platform for the Jainistic way of living.

  1. Ahinsa (Non-Violence)
  2. Satya (Truth )
  3. Asteya (Non-Stealing)
  4. Bramhacharya (Celibacy)
  5. Aparigraha (Non-Attachment)
Jain philosophy does not believe in a single god. It says every living thing has the potential to become sidhdha (pure soul). Everything which can change itself, which has energy then it can change the world; hence every thing can be qualified to be the supreme authority. So a true follower of the god should salute this potential. the 5 basic principles are just an extension to this philosophy. 
Ahinsa means more than non - killing. Any act which hurts someone or can cripple its ability to progress is called Ahinsa. Satya can be defined as a more specific form of Ahinsa and should be followed in a harmless manner. 
Jainism believes in playing the role which has been assigned to an individual and play it in accordance to the 5 vows. One should earn something then only he should enjoy his earnings. 
The human life is defined as a journey, and the destination of this journey is Moksha: the State when a living entity is able to identify the divine in itself. Celibacy is prescribed to overcome the extreme form of indulgence that this life has to offer. 
One should save only that much which is absolutely necessary for living. Anything more than that is depriving someone needy. That doesnt mean that one should not make an effort to earn more and use his/ her capabilities to contribute the progress; that extra earning should be used for the welfare of the ones who cant help themselves. 
Jain Muni practice these principle to the extreme, and set an example to the world to follow them. 
Jainism says All good and evil resides within oneself only. So instead of trying to change the world one should bring the change in itself. Overcome the Evil and be a Jinendra, and bring out the good. Hence the individual can be a unit of change; the positive and pregressive change.

pray for me brother

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jara hat k jara bach k ye hai Mumbai Meri Jaan !!

The attacks on Mumbai made a lot of sh** hit the fan: Innocent lives, blame games, dirty politics and soft Indian Borders (That means we did not learn a lesson or two from Kargil).

The initial news flashed pictures of a car remains and a panicked Mumbai; and then the tension kept on rising. Horror gripped the city for next couple of days.
A considerable number of "Indians" gave their lives to kill the rats. But its time we should take a look back and identify what went wrong.

We have 16 + intelligence agencies in India and each of them had bits and pieces about these attacks, but no information is useful unless its processed and in given to capable people. The so called "IT SuperPower" does not have any guidelines to share the information between crucial govt. echelons. If this information was shared than probably all those terror boys would have landed in Yerwada jail instead of Taj. A group plans a terror attack, its follow a beeline to Mumbai. Park their boat in the heart of financial capital of India. take to stroll to the VIP places and capture the attention of the world for next 3 days not to mention bring the city to a standstill which boast of "Mumbai never sleeps".

Our security force: no doubt its full of young and red blood but they they are severely lacking in terms of resources and combat gear. Karkare got 3 bullets on his chest; either he is not wearing the bulletproof jacket which was highly unlikely in such a high alert situation OR the bullet proof jacket was nothing more than a canvas vest. I cant believe NSG commandos were not carrying the smoke bombs, I mean they are experts and they know their job very well. but a smoke bomb can be very useful in such condition, and which is an integral part of the kit of a close combat teams of other nations. I have seen commandos in movies only but they were always with sophisticated headgear equipped with communication and optical instruments which can be proved life saving and mission critical at the end of day, but our NSG got only what looked like a simple hard hat to face bullets.

I liked it when Google launched its Google earth; it’s amazing and very sleek. But the terrorists find it equally useful. US govt forced Google to blur or misplace its key building on G earth but India and other countries have no control over it and now terror organization need no spy to collect information for them. It’s freely and legitimately available; thanks to the open world wide web.

from the first day the tragedy was being touted as 9/11 of India. WHAT THE HECK?? why we need to Americanize everything including something as serious as this??

Politicians failed miserably in this case (once again). First they reacted late to bring in specialized forces. Once it is over they started playing their fav games. Home minister, CM and deputy CM were made whip boys instead of taking the responsibility of the events and taking some concrete steps. Our PM is a very intelligent and respected man but with his feeble voice and docile attitude I never found him fit enough to be the PM of India. but then the question is Who else.... I wish I had an answer to this. waise where is that prophet of marathi manoos these days ... ?

They came with a plan to kill at least 5000 people. They got killed before the target but not before they had taken a lot of innocent lives. And not to mention the plan was a hit they got a full televised coverage of the battle better than they expected. Each country whose citizen were in there was following the operation closely. With that kind of publicity terrorist organization couldn’t ask for more. Also the TV crews kept showing details of each movement of the army on TV, Now even if the terrorists did not have access to the TV sets they were continuously in touch with their bosses across the border. And these TV crews were acting as their eyes.
Situation was so bad that the English tour of India got cancelled. Those buggers got a reason to run away and save their tail. And India was put with the names like Afganistan and pakistan. One has a military govt and the other is a failed democracy.

One funny story was reported in "The Dawn"- pakistani daily. Someone (allegedly from Delhi) made a call to paki prez and he was hooked up with the prez by the prez staff without any verification. The person claimed he is Pranab Mukharji and India is planning an attack on pakistan. A charter plain was sent to Delhi to bring back its one of visiting minister while he had a scheduled flight on the same evening. Security forces were put on high alert. An extremist group claimed that if India attacks pakistan 500 sucide bombers will cause havoc in Indian cities. paki prez called his nanny in US. The nanny called up her Delhi counterpart and assured pakistan that India is not attacking pakistan.

Pakistan and India are 2 nations which share their fate like Siamese twins. They fight or they laugh but they will always be together facing the consequences of their actions. “Kasab”- the only surviving member of the death squad is just 21. He got ready to give his life to the "mission" just because his Akas promised that his family will be taken care of after him. The amount promised was just 1.5 lacs. roughly $3000 . Now what else a drop out of prelim school, who wants to do something good for his family can think of. Who will teach him the difference between right and wrong? His village is full of such stories. The problem is located somewhere deep down in the mud which we need to sort out as soon as possible.

Monday, December 08, 2008

words of the year

Top 10 searches on Marriam-Webster for the year 2008. That quite explains the year that was .....
  1. bailout
  2. vet
  3. socialism
  4. maverick
  5. rogue
  6. misogyny
  7. bipartisan 
  8. turmoil
  9. trepidation
  10. precipice

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Shuruat ...

Is baar jab woh choti si bachchi mere paas apni kharonch le kar aayegi
Main usey phoo phoo kar nahin behlaoonga
Panapney doonga uski tees ko
Is baar nahin

Is baar jab main chehron par dard likha dekhoonga
Nahin gaoonga geet peeda bhula dene wale
Dard ko risney doonga,utarney doonga andar gehrey
Is baar nahin

Is baar main na marham lagaoonga
Na hi uthaoonga rui ke phahey
Aur na hi kahoonga ki tum aankein band karlo,gardan udhar kar lo main dawa lagata hoon
Dekhney doonga sabko hum sabko khuley nangey ghaav
Is baar nahin

Is baar jab uljhaney dekhoonga,chatpatahat dekhoonga
Nahin daudoonga uljhee door lapetney
Uljhaney doonga jab tak ulajh sake
Is baar nahin

Is baar karm ka hawala de kar nahin uthaoonga auzaar
Nahin karoonga phir se ek nayee shuruaat
Nahin banoonga misaal ek karmyogi ki
Nahin aaney doonga zindagi ko aasani se patri par
Utarney doonga usey keechad main,tedhey medhey raston pe
Nahin sookhney doonga deewaron par laga khoon
Halka nahin padney doonga uska rang
Is baar nahin banney doonga usey itna laachaar
Ki paan ki peek aur khoon ka fark hi khatm ho jaye
Is baar nahin

Is baar ghawon ko dekhna hai
Gaur se
Thoda lambe wakt tak
Kuch faisley
Aur uskey baad hausley
Kahin toh shuruat karni hi hogi
Is baar yahi tay kiya hai

- Prasoon Joshi

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Friendship is a funnily funny thing. Its all about contradictions of confirmation (dont know what that means but who cares ;)). You love to do things that you wont do otherwise. You put silly demands and still expect them to be accepted. Recently, I got a chance to be on a trip with a chosen group.

Okay… so this is about 5 fellows…. A, D, N, P & S….
I am 1 of them… yeah… that's me… P !!! heya !!!
This is all abt our trip to Pachmarhi

So it so happened that we planned an outing… ofcourse proposed by the girls! And we were casual abt it… as usual… we never take anything seriously… take it easy!
Okay to start with… its difficult for these girls to get permission… each one gets on the basis of the other!! So bcoz N is going so S can go… and bcoz S is going so N can go types!! Understandable!!!
We had other options… Kerela and MountAbu kinds… but we settled for Pachmarhi…. No specific reason…. Just like that!! Actually there was a reason… Kerela was too far off and Abu sounded too Gujju !! no offences meant! Just kidding! ;)

Okay so the highlights… it was cool! Cool as in…. the mousam was pleasantly cool… we saw 2 waterfalls… the paani was coooooooooooool….went for para sailing… the hawa was coooool… saw the sunset… saw the sunrise…. That was coooooool… and saw some temples…. I mean these are enuf things for 2 days yaar !!! we hardly had that much time… we r busy ppl u c !!! naukari and stuff!
So to start with…. We went from Indore to Bhopal… N was to join us from there… Actually she was already in Bhopal for some stuff after her diwali holls… and since there was so much indecision that she wasn’t prepared… lil girl had to go for complete shopping from shampoo to clothes…!

So here we were… 4 of us…. S had come over to our place and we collectively waited for D his car got late ;)….. it had gone traveling on its own! We guys in general can never be on time!! M not surprised… !! :P
So D came with our Mahesh di gaddi… Mahesh bhai was our official vaahanchalak…

And we set off………………………………dhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………………………… Okay… so I am a chai fan!! ;) … actually not really… but I can always do with a chai break…. So we took a chai break at Dodi… dodi is the midway restaurant…. Not many ppl know abt it! Okay so we basically stopped by Dodi for our dinner… I am pretty keen on daal chawal… I like them… sumptuous… and a welcome break from the world of chicken burgers !!!

1 sec…. before that… we didnt have good musicD normally takes care of music… and his Ipod wasn't in best battery modes… and so was A's…. we picked them but they dint turn up well….

The only solace was a CD picked by S…. and I got 2 others on way… but they weren't too good anyways! We just sustained… okay Girls... next time… don't rely on us !!! please give detailed instructions on what to bring and what not !!

Okay so we were at dinner… followed by Chai u c !!!
And then again on way to Bhopal… back on the highway… we reached late at night…. After 12 I guess… N was there… waiting with her cousin etc… good to c her after a looooong time… we had another chai there… followed by some snacks… its uncomfy at ur friend's cousin's place… especially if they expect u to eat some snacks past midnight! So much of effort! And somehow I cant say a no to relatives and all… I am not a gr8 fundebaaz in those arenas !!!

So we were placed at RGPV's guest house… there was a Durban there… who was strictly instructed by the girls and the jijaji to wake us up at 5… A tried telling him that his usual waking time of 6 is cool… but then the girls did some senti stuff of "bhaiyajee…hum wahaan raah dekh rahe honge… aap in logo ko utha hi dijiyega…. Kaafi aage jana hai…"… ohh god!! Senti dialogues!!! Hindi TV serials!!!

I had decent intentions of getting up in the morn… just that 5 was a lil too early especially when u are going to bed at 1.30 and u finally go to sleep after 3!! All the same… we got up !!! at 5.15… courtesy the "bhaiyajee" and back to back phone calls!! Actually unka mann nahi lag raha tha humare bagair!!! Hahaa !!
Getting A out of bed at that hour is a tough job!! All the same… we managed N's relative's ghar at 6ish… decent time! But then…. Once again… Chai followed by morning snacks! And we r expected to finish up the whole thing! What do u expect guys to be like!! We cant start eating at 6 in the morn dude!!! All the same… I maintained my image of a good, samajhdar and sensible and philosopher-kinda boy and contributed my bit in the morning chai time nashta!

Finally we bid adieu to the family members (I dint know that I was to meet them again after 2 days but in a diff situation!! In a hospital!!! Okay that'll come later…!

So we started from Bhopal… towards pachmarhi… looking for ways! The weather was cooooool…. Actually early in the morn… and Bhopal is a pretty city…..
In indore… somehow I was giving all wrong directions!!! I dint know my sense of remembering roads was SOOOOOOO pathetic!... anyways… N took lead and got us out of the city… back to a new highway!

In the rasta I saw this Bhojpur ka board… since a long time I wanted to go to that temple… the huge shivling is very impressive… since we were on a holiday… we could conveniently turn for the 17km diversion….

An incomplete temple of black stones… massive…. Magnificient… and early in the morn! It was nice !!! cold stones under our feet… and interesting piece of history… that temple is still not complete and its centuries old!

Moving on….. our thikana for breakfast break…. Bheekbetka… the MP Tourism restaurant had pics of Mesolithic paintings and stuff… and called Lord Shiva as a ‘wizard’… the brains of the people who composed the hoardings amaze me! They sound as if out of Paris today! Angrez!

There as a railway track just next to the restaurant… interesting… and some swings for CHILDREN… the not so childish S tried one and lo and behold! The Security emerged from nowhere to enforce the procedure!

Breakfast was nice… and so was the waiter… quick service! And nice highway parathas! I guess that was the name!! He offered refilled mineral water bottles so that we don’t have to pay for fresh ones! Though we finally bought them… but a concerned gesture… D paid just 10 bucks to him as tip for lunch on our way back…. No1 liked it…. But its difficult to tackle him on such lines….

Finally… we moved on… it was getting hotter and the cars weren't honking even at the Ghat region! It was a lil worrying… nevertheless… we reached the hotel at Pachmarhi at around 1….

And before that…. All our cellphones had lost the coverage… only BSNL worked there… my dear HTC was anyways giving issues and now this problem…
Bheetar se to nahi lagta…. But Bahar BSNL worked fine… we had D & S with BSNL phones! Sustainable!
The hotel was not bad… (abhi tak… the night disasters are yet to be mentioned!) we had a quick shower and moved for lunch… just across the road… it even served Chinese thali! ;) but really really slow service… we were pretty much starving…. Food is a very important aspect of our lives! We live to eat ! :D

Okay… so then A & I had figured the temples we wanted to visit today… as everything closes at 6 here and we dint have time for anything else… so we picked a kid of 9th grade… rakesh kumar shrivastava… lets say… he used to study in 9th grade… he has left studies… tough luck… when I look at these ppl… I think… I am sure lucky!

We started with pandavon ki gufa… interesting landscapes and interesting stories! How can pandavas live in those miniature gufayein… pata nahi… bheemsen to fans hi jaye nakul/sahadev ki gufa mein !!!

We saw gupt hanuman… a hanumanji ka sewak had taken a liking for my hairdo there! He was after S's bag… and was giving me bhapki… and I returned the favours! Actually… we was peeing on a big hanumanji ki moorti! That was disgusting!!! Outrageous!
Just when we came out… the lights went off…. There was a narrow passage to the temple…. Before we went… the pujariji was after a young lad… with a handycam… asking him to delete whatever he’d recorded… outside the temple… it was written in huge letters in hindi that photography is strictly prohibited! Padhe likhe ganwar!
Later we went to mahadev mandir… there was andhera there and the water was dripping and chilling but fun! We encountered quite a few animals on the trip……… monkeys topped the charts! Followed by fish…….. camels…….. horses……… donkeys……… and bedbugs! I think I have forgotten some of them!

We also saw those vines through which aadivasi ppl go down in the valley to get medicinal herbs… Indians find a way to make money at every place! So there is a telescope placed there… and every view for the vine and a distant temple…. Costs Rs.5/head…. Enterprising minds!!!

So we saw the sunset……. Amidst 500 others!
There is so much chaos….. and u might be disturbing quite a few couples there… but cant help! We r out to watch the sun go down! Actually A & D were more interested in the pics! Pics of them playing with the sun! trick photography u may call it! ;) I was the cameraman then! And we sot some funny stuff.

We stayed back for some more time till the 493 ppl had left….. leaving me behind with Mahesh bhaiya and the guide! And the other 4… S did not want to go… It was difficult to make her understand that its unsafe driving in late evenings on the terrain!

So we had a bad Tapre ki chai! And moved back in the hotel… the drive was nice… cool breeze…. And heading for andhera…. Felt nice and soft!

Laid back for some time… some chats here and there… and finally we got together to play some card games… the dinner was ordered in the room… with Chhachh! I had my fav khichdi… A has made me a khichdi addict over the years! And I remember having loved Pachmarhi's khichdi over my last trips! D was not in his best moods that day... loads of phone calls and red eyes... we dint really know y though...

So we basically played Bluff…. 420 u may call it… same game…. They just get English names to make them sound sophisticated… I have played cards in past but not this game… or the ones that followed!

Okay so 420 was all about lying convincingly! And I somehow failed miserably! Fun game… this was followed by Jhabba… another game… and I won hands down! A is bad with handling cards… and he had a tough time handling the loads we accumulated during Bluff ! then there was another game…. DONKEY… the loser had to bray in the loo… weird punishments! So I alternated with A for this game… but he lost in the end! And needless to say, he dint follow the punishment…! He is one lazy chap!

We all settled in our beds around 12… and at 1.45 something… I heard our bell ringing… I thought I was dreaming but no… it was actually ringing!
My lazy dudes were asleep… I opened the door and N was standing out absolutely not sleepy at all!

We figured that there were bedbugs of 4 kinds… in their bed… in the blankets… on them… and had given some bad rashes to the girls! They were not too keen on going to the reception which was not lit at that hour, thankfully! These r 2 stiff headed girls! (if that's the right word!) I am still thinking on what too much independence brings to an individual… if its positive or negative… my lil sis is unlike them all… and I adore her to my life…

So the fellow there was asleep.. SOUND ASLEEP… we coudn’t get more than 2 blankets out of him… I intended to chalk up something for these fellows tomorrow… I had to shake him hard to get words out of his mouth… due to paucity of extra rooms… the girls were shifted in the extra bed in our room and D was brought up on our bed… funny they squeezed in that tiny bed that D alone found not convenient… thin N and motu S

Only they know how they figured it… Probably under shock of the bugs!!! They haven't seen much beyond computer viruses… ;) We have had numerous encounters with bedbugs or khatmal in our desi in our engg days… we literally lit fire to the beds to ease situations…

The next morn… A was completely clueless as to y the girls were in our room! And D did not remember how hard I shook him… to make our bed the Dostana gang!

Its tough to get S moving in the morn! She doesn't want to get up… out of bed…. Or after the morning tea… or for anything! Finally after a not so quick shower…. We went for the bee Falls…. The breakfast was nice… incidentally…. All our meals cost us 250 bucks over here!! A round figure! Its different having meals at regular times… I mean in Indore we are pretty careless about our timings… but I can manage things… I mean… at home, I am regular...!

So we went down and down the place… N has a bad history with slips and falls on rocks from her previous trips… So we tried being more cautious with her… so we went down and down and down……… and deep down under… there were another 300 ppl!!!

Important thing here is that there were several people… middle aged… ladies… who had the josh to come down till there… Interesting!

The crowd was disappointing… and the water chilling! Pretty cold… and mad crowd…. But that's how popular picnic spots are... the last time we were here.. it wasn't half as bad… nevertheless! It appears this is a more prime season.. we anyways weren’t getting convenient bookings… so… this was pretty much expected!

There were several fish in the water.. though running….. we tried catching a few! Twas fun! So much of plastic trash in the fall… sad…. Ppl should ATLEAST avoid that… I am not as finicky as N.. she is a pure freak on that front… but this is basic! U cant have beer cans left here waiting to be decomposed!

So we went back… had to be there for para sailing at 2… on way back... N had some breathing problem… she has this issue… we dint figure out… and she wasn't cautious enough… we'd have taken more breaks! But she was fine… there were some ppl giving advise as to how she'd be better… to lift her up and take her back… and so on!!! No comments!

So we moved on for para sailing… and waited for quite some time! Some random pix were clicked in there…. Then, dressed as cartoonsS said cute cartoons…!! As if that was a consolation!! I wasn't in a mood really but then… we did give it a shot!

Again we went to some hut kinda restaurant for lunch… which had quick services! Actually at 3.30 ppl serve quickly!! ;) S was keen abt some hut!! This was followed by Apsara falls… we were our own guides… and we reached… thankfully… this was the least crowded place…. But the fall was tiny enough to give a feeling of a tap water!! Okay so this was a lil exaggeration!

And then later…. The boating… A & S were pretty excited abt it since yesterday…. Somehow no1 was too keen today…. Moodswings! All the same… we did some boating… it was chilling… but there were others…. Couples… in lost niches…. hehee! we dint really try going upto them though!!

So we came back... and N was tired... and not in her best moods... but a warm bath made her better! we again started with our card games... and a dinner at 10.30... starved to death... and pathetic chinese... its bad to try these weird firangi things in wrong places.... they may be BAD ! our bad here! We tucked in early thinking of the sunrise in the morn... the driver had told to be ready at 5.30... i tried bargaining saying that thats a lil too early... he said.... "dekh lijiye sahab... sooraj to raah nahi dekhne wala !!" that was funny !! good sense of humour !!

so we did manage a really early morning!! its was chilling... and the jeep was open... okay half open.... but pretty cold... we pay here to enter the place... to see a waterfall... and now... early in the morn... to see the sunrise! urghh !!! I missed getting a change for the 500 bucks I had paid him… but he remembered and when we stopped on our way back… conveniently returned the balance 250…. Nice…

okay... so i found a nice lil spot for our private party in there... and it was awsome!

we havent seen a lot of sunrises... and for a change... unlike the sunset.... there were just 50 ppl here... and a pretty gal! ... some1 from a random group.... in green! okay... i like green! there was an old grandad up there chanting poems to a bunch of kids ... "ped par bazaar... bazaar par ye... !!! lalalalaaa....."... it was loud in the quiet place so early in the morn... okay but it was brief... so tolerable...

The hotel didnt serve tea before 7.15.... and we were looking for chai as usual... so went out for a walk in the streets to look for any chaiwallah we cud find.... it was early.... but there were some men from the chhawni in uniforms.... walking erect! look at them walk... they r a sight.... so we did find a chai wale bhaiya... who served us mint flavoured chai... a customer had gotten mint from his home.... bcoz he liked his tea like that... these are amusing flavors... some1 may like them, some may not.... okay so I come from the former group. I guess I like any kind of chai!! ;)

back for a bath followed by packing and moving out... we were lazying around in the hotel for some time... N had got some weird rashes and we cudnt figure out what that was... so... she was rubbing ice... well.... it wasnt very cold there but cold enough if u r rubbing ice all over u !!! lil girl! later... her mum said it was some communicable disease so she started staying away!!! S was even scolded for forgetting and touching her at 1 point... just to check temperature! but still...

we managed breakfast... and our mahesh bhaiya had vanished... D was really pissed off at that... so he is basically D's dad's driver.... and D was irritated... not a big deal dude!! we r on a holiday!!! So we again headed for a 250 bucks breakfast... last time... S had got that fellow to remove the table cover as if was dirty... today... it was Clean!!! good job!

on way back... S was uneasy over the ghats... i too was initially but she was in bad shape... we tried playing a game of cards... but it wasnt all that convenient with N playing from the cleaner's seat... A & D from the dikki and me in the centre part of the tavera.... and the cards went on slipping... We stopped for a limca and S was better after that.... we had a late lunch at our good old bheembetka... and headed for Bhopal.... Later… pata chala even N wasn’t feeling too gr8…

N had to meet her relatives... the ones we met on way.... so on way back.. they were in hospital... and we were expected to see them and ask them how they were... I am not too keen on this kinda socializing... but i guess sometimes u have to do some things bcoz ur friends want u to...... so we went and asked him how he was... what can u ask a patient in a hospital... it must be so irritating for the poor chap lying in bed out there... !

N also had to see some doc for herself... she told us to get an icecream but we refused.... so she cancelled her prog... in the meantime... we had another Chai!! ;) good old chai all the way! Her rashes weren’t getting any better… and the lil medical aid and her cousin’s mum-in-law’s comments scared her further… some more serious kindof problem… she always gets into some physical ailment over her outings… here was another one in the list…

Later her parents invited us for dinner… S & D neatly escaped saying they had to return home… and A & I were stuck… her mum spoke to me and as usual… a good boy that I am… I couldn’t refuse her on call…. But later… I did… I told her that… and being a gr8 friend… she obviously understood….

Okay so here we r… back… and had a good time!

Monday, November 24, 2008

यूँ ही ...

तुम समन्दर का किनारा हो
मैं एक प्यासी लहर की तरह
तुम्हे चूमने के लिए उठता हूँ
तुम तो चट्टान की तरह
वैसी ही खड़ी रहती हो
मैं ही हर बार तुम्हे
बस छू के लौट जाता हूँ

- अनूप भार्गव

Sunday, November 16, 2008

ah... morning... eh

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

thou shalt be missed