Sunday, January 27, 2008

Halla Bol !!!

ho gaee hai peer parvat-see pighalanee chaahiye,
is himaalay se koee gangaa nikalanee chaahiye?

aaj yah deevaar, paradon kee tarah hilane lagee,
shart lekin thee ki ye buniyaad hilanee chaahiye?

har sadak par, har galee men, har nagar, har gaanv men,
haath laharaate huye har laash chalanee chaahiye?

sirph hangaamaa khadaa karanaa meraa makasad naheen,
saaree koshish hai ki ye soorat badalanee chaahiye?

mere seene men naheen to tere seene men sahee,
ho kaheen bhee aag, lekin aag jalanee chaahiye?

- dushyant kumaar

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Poorab Ka Chand

Aaj ka Chand Poorab se nikla hua hai, Wo door wali manjil se thoda sa oopar, kuchh adhoora sa, kuchh chhupta hua sa, sardiyon ke badal me ek roshni ka ghera banata hua.... par.. hamesha ki tarah pahle se bhi jyada khoobsoorat.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my favorite

Ye din na dhal jane de ki kal ek naya sooraj nikalne wala hai ........

Sunday, January 20, 2008

nine parts of desire..

Desires .... ?? The world revolves around it. Physics explains it as forces as Gravitation or magnetism. Objects like to stick to each other, It Attracts so the smaller one goes to the Bigger One to be a part of it. Opposite Attracts, So a positive likes to be with the negative .Differences are required to balance the equilibrium.

There is no such thing as a Good Desire or a Bad Desire, Its pure .... beyond the classification of Good Or Bad. A desires to be B so in order to fulfill it A has to be moving, A moves and in this process gives momentum to C and D and couple of others. C likes the change and flows with the current and gets a new position. Now if it likes that position then it has the desire to defend it so that it wont get changed when A or someone else again has a new desire, Or if C dose not like the position then it has to keep moving for the desire of a new position.

The D does not like to be pushed around, so Now it has a desire to retaliate and push A whenever it gets a chance. All this pushing started a chain reaction of desires.

D wants to be bigger so that It can push A easily, E wants to be bigger so that it does not get pushed, F wants to get bigger so that it can protect G, G wants to get bigger so that it does not have to depend on F.

H wants to be small so that it gets all the pushing and reach new places, if its good that will be its achievements if its bad then it can surely blame the destiny. J likes to be small and wants to be protected. K wants to be with J because K is big and would love to protect cute and small J. L needs to show and practice his power so it targets some others innocents.

M wants to be with N because M thinks that they are alike and they can close their cocoon and then the chaos of all the desires can not disturb them. N wants to be with O because it thinks that O is beyond desires. O does not have any direct desires. P tells O what O's desires are. Q and R desires to stay together but they are also controlled by by some other alphabet's desires. R and S wants to be next to each other but to ensure it they have to be Big enough so that no one can separates them, so they have to wait till they get Big enough, and when they are that Big the desire to be next to each other overshadowed by some other desires.

In the beginning each alphabet had one desire but then they all are playing in the same ground and they make contact to each other this contact mixed their desires. e.g. F also has some of the desires of the K. All these cross desires are a concern to T so it asks V to control all the desires.
V can not curb the desires so that it blames X Y Z for all the chaos.

Ohh.. I and U are left out in this desire Game, perhaps they are still confused and have a desire to find out what their true desires are.They have to find it sooner or later after all There is only trouble and desire and I and U are also alphabets.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

G for Google

Its only few days I heard of Android and i am already a big fan of the platform. Google has turned itself into a modern day teenage spiritual god, and whatever is linked to its name gets a devilish saints status. people goes wickedly smart and the competitors feel wiz-dumb and in a holy-war with a company that did not feel the need to put any efforts to design its Logo and instead used makeshift candy colored version, A company that has not invesed a sinngle penny for the advertisement of its brand name.
Last year has been full of events for Mobile market IPhone was introduced as the coolest gadget of all times, skype rocked the established players with the news of Skypephone which can be used to make free calls to other Skype Users.
A small startup working on a linux based mobile OS was acquired by Google in 2005. everyone kept guessing that How Big G gonna use this new asset. Google did what it does best. Take the wheel design a supercool axle for it which is technically perfect and can not go wrong in any way, then invite the world to build a Super Car around it. In nov 2007 android was introduced along with a the announcement of a Open Handset Alliance which consist of 34 Mobile related companies. Android will be released under Apache license.
The panic from the established players to this announcement( which can very well go go unnoticed if Google was not associated with it ) can be summarized from this quote of MS CEO Steve Ballmer "Their efforts are just some words on paper right now. They have a press release, we have many, many millions of customers, great software, many hardware devices and they're welcome in our world." SO they are not scared of G Giant, well good for them.

So what Google can do with Android. As the Android Challange has Big money in it so all the Geeks around the world are busy making it a application rich OS. Google has participated in Spectrum Auctions . It has already introduced its Mobile Search feature with Airtel. The AdSense mobile format has been introduced. The stage is prepared and its showtime for Google, And as Google tradition end User will be treated as King. May be the subscriber will now get the best phone in the market coupled with best services and plans and thats all for FREE yeah you got it right, Google may actually pay you to make a call on Google NW, your call will be sponsered by the advertisers who will play their advertisements instead of caller tunes.


When HarivansRai Bachchan written this beautiful poem he was going through the worst patch of his life ( in worldly matters) but that was the time when he was at his creative best. And nothing compares to listening Amitabh Bachchan reciting Madhushala. Some excerpts from the original.....

मदिरालय जाने को घर से चलता है पीनेवला,
'किस पथ से जाऊँ?' असमंजस में है वह भोलाभाला,
अलग-अलग पथ बतलाते सब पर मैं यह बतलाता हूँ -
'राह पकड़ तू एक चला चल, पा जाएगा मधुशाला

मदिरा पीने की अभिलाषा ही बन जाए जब हाला,
अधरों की आतुरता में ही जब आभासित हो प्याला,
बने ध्यान ही करते-करते जब साकी साकार, सखे,
रहे न हाला, प्याला, साकी, तुझे मिलेगी मधुशाला।

हाथों में आने से पहले नाज़ दिखाएगा प्याला,
अधरों पर आने से पहले अदा दिखाएगी हाला,
बहुतेरे इनकार करेगा साकी आने से पहले,
पथिक, न घबरा जाना, पहले मान करेगी मधुशाला

धर्मग्रन्थ सब जला चुकी है, जिसके अंतर की ज्वाला,
मंदिर, मसजिद, गिरिजे, सब को तोड़ चुका जो मतवाला,
पंडित, मोमिन, पादिरयों के फंदों को जो काट चुका,
कर सकती है आज उसी का स्वागत मेरी मधुशाला

लालायित अधरों से जिसने, हाय, नहीं चूमी हाला,
हर्ष-विकंपित कर से जिसने, हा, न छुआ मधु का प्याला,
हाथ पकड़ लज्जित साकी को पास नहीं जिसने खींचा,
व्यर्थ सुखा डाली जीवन की उसने मधुमय मधुशाला

एक बरस में, एक बार ही जगती होली की ज्वाला,
एक बार ही लगती बाज़ी, जलती दीपों की माला,
दुनियावालों, किन्तु, किसी दिन आ मदिरालय में देखो,
दिन को होली, रात दिवाली, रोज़ मनाती मधुशाला

अधरों पर हो कोई भी रस जिहवा पर लगती हाला,
भाजन हो कोई हाथों में लगता रक्खा है प्याला,
हर सूरत साकी की सूरत में परिवर्तित हो जाती,
आँखों के आगे हो कुछ भी, आँखों में है मधुशाला

किसी ओर मैं आँखें फेरूँ, दिखलाई देती हाला
किसी ओर मैं आँखें फेरूँ, दिखलाई देता प्याला,
किसी ओर मैं देखूं, मुझको दिखलाई देता साकी
किसी ओर देखूं, दिखलाई पड़ती मुझको मधुशाला

दुतकारा मस्जिद ने मुझको कहकर है पीनेवाला,
ठुकराया ठाकुरद्वारे ने देख हथेली पर प्याला,
कहाँ ठिकाना मिलता जग में भला अभागे काफिर को?
शरणस्थल बनकर न मुझे यदि अपना लेती मधुशाला

मुसलमान औ' हिन्दू है दो, एक, मगर, उनका प्याला,
एक, मगर, उनका मदिरालय, एक, मगर, उनकी हाला,
दोनों रहते एक न जब तक मस्जिद मन्दिर में जाते,
बैर बढ़ाते मस्जिद मन्दिर मेल कराती मधुशाला

आज करे परहेज़ जगत, पर, कल पीनी होगी हाला,
आज करे इन्कार जगत पर कल पीना होगा प्याला,
होने दो पैदा मद का महमूद जगत में कोई, फिर
जहाँ अभी हैं मन्िदर मस्जिद वहाँ बनेगी मधुशाला

सोम सुरा पुरखे पीते थे, हम कहते उसको हाला,
द्रोणकलश जिसको कहते थे, आज वही मधुघट आला,
वेदिवहित यह रस्म न छोड़ो वेदों के ठेकेदारों,
युग युग से है पुजती आई नई नहीं है मधुशाला

कभी न सुन पड़ता, 'इसने, हा, छू दी मेरी हाला',
कभी न कोई कहता, 'उसने जूठा कर डाला प्याला',
सभी जाति के लोग यहाँ पर साथ बैठकर पीते हैं,
सौ सुधारकों का करती है काम अकेले मधुशाला

सुमुखी तुम्हारा, सुन्दर मुख ही, मुझको कन्चन का प्याला
छलक रही है जिसमंे माणिक रूप मधुर मादक हाला,
मैं ही साकी बनता, मैं ही पीने वाला बनता हूँ
जहाँ कहीं मिल बैठे हम तुम़ वहीं गयी हो मधुशाला

मुझे पिलाने को लाए हो इतनी थोड़ी-सी हाला!
मुझे दिखाने को लाए हो एक यही छिछला प्याला!
इतनी पी जीने से अच्छा सागर की ले प्यास मरुँ,
सिंधँु-तृषा दी किसने रचकर बिंदु-बराबर मधुशाला

लिखी भाग्य में जितनी बस उतनी ही पाएगा हाला,
लिखा भाग्य में जैसा बस वैसा ही पाएगा प्याला,
लाख पटक तू हाथ पाँव, पर इससे कब कुछ होने का,
लिखी भाग्य में जो तेरे बस वही मिलेगी मधुशाला

यम आयेगा साकी बनकर साथ लिए काली हाला,
पी न होश में फिर आएगा सुरा-विसुध यह मतवाला,
यह अंितम बेहोशी, अंतिम साकी, अंतिम प्याला है,
पथिक, प्यार से पीना इसको फिर न मिलेगी मधुशाला

मेरे अधरों पर हो अंितम वस्तु न तुलसीदल प्याला
मेरी जीव्हा पर हो अंतिम वस्तु न गंगाजल हाला,
मेरे शव के पीछे चलने वालों याद इसे रखना
राम नाम है सत्य न कहना, कहना सच्ची मधुशाला

ज्ञात हुआ यम आने को है ले अपनी काली हाला,
पंिडत अपनी पोथी भूला, साधू भूल गया माला,
और पुजारी भूला पूजा, ज्ञान सभी ज्ञानी भूला,
किन्तु न भूला मरकर के भी पीनेवाला मधुशाला

यम ले चलता है मुझको तो, चलने दे लेकर हाला,
चलने दे साकी को मेरे साथ लिए कर में प्याला,
स्वर्ग, नरक या जहाँ कहीं भी तेरा जी हो लेकर चल,
ठौर सभी हैं एक तरह के साथ रहे यदि मधुशाला

शांत सकी हो अब तक, साकी, पीकर किस उर की ज्वाला,
'और, और' की रटन लगाता जाता हर पीनेवाला,
कितनी इच्छाएँ हर जानेवाला छोड़ यहाँ जाता!
कितने अरमानों की बनकर कब्र खड़ी है मधुशाला

प्राप्य नही है तो, हो जाती लुप्त नहीं फिर क्यों हाला,
प्राप्य नही है तो, हो जाता लुप्त नहीं फिर क्यों प्याला,
दूर न इतनी हिम्मत हारुँ, पास न इतनी पा जाऊँ,
व्यर्थ मुझे दौड़ाती मरु में मृगजल बनकर मधुशाला

जिसने मुझको प्यासा रक्खा बनी रहे वह भी हाला,
जिसने जीवन भर दौड़ाया बना रहे वह भी प्याला,
मतवालों की जिहवा से हैं कभी निकलते शाप नहीं,
दुखी बनाय जिसने मुझको सुखी रहे वह मधुशाला

नहीं चाहता, आगे बढ़कर छीनूँ औरों की हाला,
नहीं चाहता, धक्के देकर, छीनूँ औरों का प्याला,
साकी, मेरी ओर न देखो मुझको तिनक मलाल नहीं,
इतना ही क्या कम आँखों से देख रहा हूँ मधुशाला

क्या मुझको आवश्यकता है साकी से माँगूँ हाला,
क्या मुझको आवश्यकता है साकी से चाहूँ प्याला,
पीकर मदिरा मस्त हुआ तो प्यार किया क्या मदिरा से!
मैं तो पागल हो उठता हूँ सुन लेता यदि मधुशाला

देने को जो मुझे कहा था दे न सकी मुझको हाला,
देने को जो मुझे कहा था दे न सका मुझको प्याला,
समझ मनुज की दुर्बलता मैं कहा नहीं कुछ भी करता,
किन्तु स्वयं ही देख मुझे अब शरमा जाती मधुशाला

बहुतेरे मदिरालय देखे, बहुतेरी देखी हाला,
भाँित भाँित का आया मेरे हाथों में मधु का प्याला,
एक एक से बढ़कर, सुन्दर साकी ने सत्कार किया,
जँची न आँखों में, पर, कोई पहली जैसी मधुशाला

मैं मदिरालय के अंदर हूँ, मेरे हाथों में प्याला,
प्याले में मदिरालय बिंिबत करनेवाली है हाला,
इस उधेड़-बुन में ही मेरा सारा जीवन बीत गया -
मैं मधुशाला के अंदर या मेरे अंदर मधुशाला

किसे नहीं पीने से नाता, किसे नहीं भाता प्याला,
इस जगती के मदिरालय में तरह-तरह की है हाला,
अपनी-अपनी इच्छा के अनुसार सभी पी मदमाते,
एक सभी का मादक साकी, एक सभी की मधुशाला

वह हाला, कर शांत सके जो मेरे अंतर की ज्वाला,
जिसमें मैं बिंिबत-प्रतिबंिबत प्रतिपल, वह मेरा प्याला,
मधुशाला वह नहीं जहाँ पर मदिरा बेची जाती है,
भेंट जहाँ मस्ती की मिलती मेरी तो वह मधुशाला

अपने युग में सबको अनुपम ज्ञात हुई अपनी हाला,
अपने युग में सबको अदभुत ज्ञात हुआ अपना प्याला,
फिर भी वृद्धों से जब पूछा एक यही उज्ञल्तऌार पाया -
अब न रहे वे पीनेवाले, अब न रही वह मधुशाला

कितने मर्म जता जाती है बार-बार आकर हाला,
कितने भेद बता जाता है बार-बार आकर प्याला,
कितने अर्थों को संकेतों से बतला जाता साकी,
फिर भी पीनेवालों को है एक पहेली मधुशाला

जितनी दिल की गहराई हो उतना गहरा है प्याला,
जितनी मन की मादकता हो उतनी मादक है हाला,
जितनी उर की भावुकता हो उतना सुन्दर साकी है,
जितना ही जो रिसक, उसे है उतनी रसमय मधुशाला

बहुतों के सिर चार दिनों तक चढ़कर उतर गई हाला,
बहुतों के हाथों में दो दिन छलक झलक रीता प्याला,
पर बढ़ती तासीर सुरा की साथ समय के, इससे ही
और पुरानी होकर मेरी और नशीली मधुशाला

- बच्चन


मैं सुनाऊँ तुम्हें बात इक रात की
चाँद भी अपनी पूरी जवानी पे था
दिल में तूफ़ान था, एक अरमां था
दिल का तूफ़ान अपनी रवानी पे था
एक बादल उधर से चला झूम के
देखते देखते चाँद पर छा गया
चाँद भी खो गया उसके आगोश में
उफ़ ये क्या हो गया जोश ही जोश में
मेरा दिल धड़का,
मेरा दिल तड़पा किसीकी नज़र के लिए
सलामे-इश्क मेरी जान ज़रा कुबूल कर लो ...

इसके आगे की अब दास्ताँ मुझसे सुन
सुनके तेरी नज़र दबदबा जाएगी
बात दिल की जो अब तक तेरे दिल में थी
मेरा दावा है होंठों पे आ जाएगी
तू मसीहा मुहब्बत के मारों का है
हम तेरा नाम सुनके चले आए हैं
अब दवा दे हमें या तू दे दे ज़हर
तेरी महफ़िल में ये दिलजले आए है.न
एक एहसान कर, एहसान कर,
इक एहसान कर अपने मेहमान पर
अपने मेहमान पर एक एहसान कर
दे दुआएं, दे दुआएं तुझे उम्र भर के लिए
सलामे-इश्क मेरी जान ज़रा कुबूल कर लो ...


Monday, January 07, 2008

Achtung Baby !!!

He was called a monkey ... a "BIG MONKEY", they are all racists. NO ONE that means "NO ONE" can question the integrity of Gestapo, He is "THE ONE". He is Born to make records and nothing can stop him from making records. Whatever he and his men are doing is just fair and if you are pointing to those TV recordings that is the human aspect of the Game and remember "what happens @ the ground stays @ the ground" and the opponents are cordially invited for a beer But they should stuff their tails in between their legs and should be full of gratitude as they are treated as equals with the "Numero Uno" of the Game.
Cry Babies should not play the game beacause they are not good at the ground and can not take the defeat sportingly, they go back running to their Momma and Momma says " Don't play with the Bad Boys, they are cheaters..." . tch.. tch... poor old Momma.... she dosen't know the rules of the games na.. after all she never played. If a player in green uniform grounds a catch and then appeals he can be penalized. But not the one in Green Cap. you can call them "Yellow Yellow Dirty fellow", but they have written the moral code of conduct for the game and they follow it too.
All These cry babies know is how to earn money, the Game should be of paramount importance. even their news channels are not left very far behind in the money race. Almost all the channels are hosting special shows with BREAKING NEWS flashing in 72 size font here are the chartbusters :
1. "Mat Khelo Beimano se"
2. "Kartooten Kangaroo ki"
3. "Shikari Bucknor"
4. "Team India wapis lauto"
5. "Bhajji tum sangharsh karo hame tumhare saath hai"
6. "Shikayten Symonds ki"
7. "Ijjat par aanch"
8. "Umpire-e-Qayamat"

Now if you get bored with all this crap here is my suggestion to you grab your remote and flip the channels until you find something like a jazzy Sardar in florescent colors uttering nonsense with a speed of 1000 words/ min and a volume of 20000 decibels.Now if you can not find him with all these details here is an excerpt from his nonstop blabbering:
"Hujoor-e-Allla wo sachin jo Ranvijayee hai Ranbadhdha hai jinke samne sooraj chamkna chhod dete hai, bade bade mahapurush sar jhuka lete hai, unhone Us Sachin ki baat nahi mani, Aur Jise apni maryada ka khayal nahi, khel ki pratishtha ka khyal nahi aap uski baat sun rahe hai. jise apni maryada ka bhan nahi, uski koi shan nahi aur isse bada uska koi apman nahi. doston main to ki aap dekhiye kaise hoti hai hamari Balle Balle aur unki Dhalle Dhalle"

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I knew It ... !! .... ??

Sometimes there are instances when the present which is happening right now seems so much familiar. Its like I have witnessed the same thing before. I knew the sentence that a person is going to say next, I knew what will be her next reaction, The next tree from the train window seems familiar, The Car that is overtaking us in the highway seems like a scene from a movie which I have seen more than once. very small details of very small duration with absolutely no connections. That is kind of freaky, and I thought its a by product of my appetite for stories. I discussed this with some friends, and to my utter amazement they have also experienced the same thing. Something which is going right now seems oddly familiar. Its can not be called Premonitions, because you are not aware that somethings gonna happen but when its happening you know it.
When you sit back and think about the randomness involved. Its like every event follows a trajectory and there are path of this trajectory is decided by the people and things involved, They call it participating variables in "Chaotic theory" , and every variable is equally important in deciding the fate. It reminds me of my maths exams in school days when you miss something in a question your answer wouldn't match with the rest of the class.
But the question is if you can go back to correct these variables and start all over again. Now there is a theory proposed for it and it has been fantasized out of proportions, they call it "Time Travel".
It goes like this suppose there is a point. If this is joined with another point it will be a one dimensional object. A Mobius strip is a logical representation of 1-D object. Another dimension ( lets say width )added to this object will be a 2-D object( which reminds me of my Maths paper again). Add height to the 2-D object and we get our own familiar 3-D. Now they say a creature is only familiar with its own dimension only. So as a creature of 3-D world we can see things and events which are happening in the 3-D, and the 2-D and 4-D and beyond (if at all it exists).
Time is 4th dimension and it can be described as a line from one 3-d Point to another 3-D point.
so if you can see this dimension you can very well travel in Time. Add some more dimension to our cample object and you will get Parallel universes. where I am living my life and every point in my life is defined by a time line, various decision points in my life resulted in a different life which is going on parallelly. So that makes one world for each and every moment of my life. and multiply that with parallel lives of all living creatures in this world (and who knows may be inanimate objects also have their parallel lives). And similarly it makes infinite number of parallel universes in this world or infinite number of parallel worlds in this universe ( whichever is bigger).
So it seems the system has been designed in a way that any problem can be corrected if you can see it from one dimension above or lets say a little more mature viewpoint. well good to know that i am living in a problem free self correcting world.
Or Perhaps its just a simulated thought from our mind for which we have found a name and reasons ( Mathematical equations ) to justify it. It is just the great pattern matching capability if our mind which relates past events or events from someone else life to our present and gives us the impression that we have seen already it.

raaz-e-ulfat chhupa ke dekh liya
dil bahut kuchh jala ke dekh liya

aur kyaa dekhane ko baaqi hai
aap se dil laga ke dekh liya

wo mere hoke bhi mere na hue
unako apana bana ke dekh liya

aaj unaki nazar men kuchh hamane
sabaki nazaren bacha ke dekh liya

'Faiz', taqmil-e-Gam bhi ho na saki
ishq ko aazama ke dekh liya

aas us dar se Tutati hi nahin
ja ke dekha, na ja ke dekh liya


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Day .....

ek naya suraj ... ek naya din

ek nayee subah .. ek naya aasman

samet lo apne pankh ..bhar lo ek nayee udan

ke intejar kar raha hai sara jahan.....
Ok bad TuqBandi... but you got the message
Happy New Year :)