Monday, January 07, 2008

Achtung Baby !!!

He was called a monkey ... a "BIG MONKEY", they are all racists. NO ONE that means "NO ONE" can question the integrity of Gestapo, He is "THE ONE". He is Born to make records and nothing can stop him from making records. Whatever he and his men are doing is just fair and if you are pointing to those TV recordings that is the human aspect of the Game and remember "what happens @ the ground stays @ the ground" and the opponents are cordially invited for a beer But they should stuff their tails in between their legs and should be full of gratitude as they are treated as equals with the "Numero Uno" of the Game.
Cry Babies should not play the game beacause they are not good at the ground and can not take the defeat sportingly, they go back running to their Momma and Momma says " Don't play with the Bad Boys, they are cheaters..." . tch.. tch... poor old Momma.... she dosen't know the rules of the games na.. after all she never played. If a player in green uniform grounds a catch and then appeals he can be penalized. But not the one in Green Cap. you can call them "Yellow Yellow Dirty fellow", but they have written the moral code of conduct for the game and they follow it too.
All These cry babies know is how to earn money, the Game should be of paramount importance. even their news channels are not left very far behind in the money race. Almost all the channels are hosting special shows with BREAKING NEWS flashing in 72 size font here are the chartbusters :
1. "Mat Khelo Beimano se"
2. "Kartooten Kangaroo ki"
3. "Shikari Bucknor"
4. "Team India wapis lauto"
5. "Bhajji tum sangharsh karo hame tumhare saath hai"
6. "Shikayten Symonds ki"
7. "Ijjat par aanch"
8. "Umpire-e-Qayamat"

Now if you get bored with all this crap here is my suggestion to you grab your remote and flip the channels until you find something like a jazzy Sardar in florescent colors uttering nonsense with a speed of 1000 words/ min and a volume of 20000 decibels.Now if you can not find him with all these details here is an excerpt from his nonstop blabbering:
"Hujoor-e-Allla wo sachin jo Ranvijayee hai Ranbadhdha hai jinke samne sooraj chamkna chhod dete hai, bade bade mahapurush sar jhuka lete hai, unhone Us Sachin ki baat nahi mani, Aur Jise apni maryada ka khayal nahi, khel ki pratishtha ka khyal nahi aap uski baat sun rahe hai. jise apni maryada ka bhan nahi, uski koi shan nahi aur isse bada uska koi apman nahi. doston main to ki aap dekhiye kaise hoti hai hamari Balle Balle aur unki Dhalle Dhalle"

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