Thursday, January 17, 2008

G for Google

Its only few days I heard of Android and i am already a big fan of the platform. Google has turned itself into a modern day teenage spiritual god, and whatever is linked to its name gets a devilish saints status. people goes wickedly smart and the competitors feel wiz-dumb and in a holy-war with a company that did not feel the need to put any efforts to design its Logo and instead used makeshift candy colored version, A company that has not invesed a sinngle penny for the advertisement of its brand name.
Last year has been full of events for Mobile market IPhone was introduced as the coolest gadget of all times, skype rocked the established players with the news of Skypephone which can be used to make free calls to other Skype Users.
A small startup working on a linux based mobile OS was acquired by Google in 2005. everyone kept guessing that How Big G gonna use this new asset. Google did what it does best. Take the wheel design a supercool axle for it which is technically perfect and can not go wrong in any way, then invite the world to build a Super Car around it. In nov 2007 android was introduced along with a the announcement of a Open Handset Alliance which consist of 34 Mobile related companies. Android will be released under Apache license.
The panic from the established players to this announcement( which can very well go go unnoticed if Google was not associated with it ) can be summarized from this quote of MS CEO Steve Ballmer "Their efforts are just some words on paper right now. They have a press release, we have many, many millions of customers, great software, many hardware devices and they're welcome in our world." SO they are not scared of G Giant, well good for them.

So what Google can do with Android. As the Android Challange has Big money in it so all the Geeks around the world are busy making it a application rich OS. Google has participated in Spectrum Auctions . It has already introduced its Mobile Search feature with Airtel. The AdSense mobile format has been introduced. The stage is prepared and its showtime for Google, And as Google tradition end User will be treated as King. May be the subscriber will now get the best phone in the market coupled with best services and plans and thats all for FREE yeah you got it right, Google may actually pay you to make a call on Google NW, your call will be sponsered by the advertisers who will play their advertisements instead of caller tunes.

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