Saturday, January 05, 2008

I knew It ... !! .... ??

Sometimes there are instances when the present which is happening right now seems so much familiar. Its like I have witnessed the same thing before. I knew the sentence that a person is going to say next, I knew what will be her next reaction, The next tree from the train window seems familiar, The Car that is overtaking us in the highway seems like a scene from a movie which I have seen more than once. very small details of very small duration with absolutely no connections. That is kind of freaky, and I thought its a by product of my appetite for stories. I discussed this with some friends, and to my utter amazement they have also experienced the same thing. Something which is going right now seems oddly familiar. Its can not be called Premonitions, because you are not aware that somethings gonna happen but when its happening you know it.
When you sit back and think about the randomness involved. Its like every event follows a trajectory and there are path of this trajectory is decided by the people and things involved, They call it participating variables in "Chaotic theory" , and every variable is equally important in deciding the fate. It reminds me of my maths exams in school days when you miss something in a question your answer wouldn't match with the rest of the class.
But the question is if you can go back to correct these variables and start all over again. Now there is a theory proposed for it and it has been fantasized out of proportions, they call it "Time Travel".
It goes like this suppose there is a point. If this is joined with another point it will be a one dimensional object. A Mobius strip is a logical representation of 1-D object. Another dimension ( lets say width )added to this object will be a 2-D object( which reminds me of my Maths paper again). Add height to the 2-D object and we get our own familiar 3-D. Now they say a creature is only familiar with its own dimension only. So as a creature of 3-D world we can see things and events which are happening in the 3-D, and the 2-D and 4-D and beyond (if at all it exists).
Time is 4th dimension and it can be described as a line from one 3-d Point to another 3-D point.
so if you can see this dimension you can very well travel in Time. Add some more dimension to our cample object and you will get Parallel universes. where I am living my life and every point in my life is defined by a time line, various decision points in my life resulted in a different life which is going on parallelly. So that makes one world for each and every moment of my life. and multiply that with parallel lives of all living creatures in this world (and who knows may be inanimate objects also have their parallel lives). And similarly it makes infinite number of parallel universes in this world or infinite number of parallel worlds in this universe ( whichever is bigger).
So it seems the system has been designed in a way that any problem can be corrected if you can see it from one dimension above or lets say a little more mature viewpoint. well good to know that i am living in a problem free self correcting world.
Or Perhaps its just a simulated thought from our mind for which we have found a name and reasons ( Mathematical equations ) to justify it. It is just the great pattern matching capability if our mind which relates past events or events from someone else life to our present and gives us the impression that we have seen already it.

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