Sunday, January 20, 2008

nine parts of desire..

Desires .... ?? The world revolves around it. Physics explains it as forces as Gravitation or magnetism. Objects like to stick to each other, It Attracts so the smaller one goes to the Bigger One to be a part of it. Opposite Attracts, So a positive likes to be with the negative .Differences are required to balance the equilibrium.

There is no such thing as a Good Desire or a Bad Desire, Its pure .... beyond the classification of Good Or Bad. A desires to be B so in order to fulfill it A has to be moving, A moves and in this process gives momentum to C and D and couple of others. C likes the change and flows with the current and gets a new position. Now if it likes that position then it has the desire to defend it so that it wont get changed when A or someone else again has a new desire, Or if C dose not like the position then it has to keep moving for the desire of a new position.

The D does not like to be pushed around, so Now it has a desire to retaliate and push A whenever it gets a chance. All this pushing started a chain reaction of desires.

D wants to be bigger so that It can push A easily, E wants to be bigger so that it does not get pushed, F wants to get bigger so that it can protect G, G wants to get bigger so that it does not have to depend on F.

H wants to be small so that it gets all the pushing and reach new places, if its good that will be its achievements if its bad then it can surely blame the destiny. J likes to be small and wants to be protected. K wants to be with J because K is big and would love to protect cute and small J. L needs to show and practice his power so it targets some others innocents.

M wants to be with N because M thinks that they are alike and they can close their cocoon and then the chaos of all the desires can not disturb them. N wants to be with O because it thinks that O is beyond desires. O does not have any direct desires. P tells O what O's desires are. Q and R desires to stay together but they are also controlled by by some other alphabet's desires. R and S wants to be next to each other but to ensure it they have to be Big enough so that no one can separates them, so they have to wait till they get Big enough, and when they are that Big the desire to be next to each other overshadowed by some other desires.

In the beginning each alphabet had one desire but then they all are playing in the same ground and they make contact to each other this contact mixed their desires. e.g. F also has some of the desires of the K. All these cross desires are a concern to T so it asks V to control all the desires.
V can not curb the desires so that it blames X Y Z for all the chaos.

Ohh.. I and U are left out in this desire Game, perhaps they are still confused and have a desire to find out what their true desires are.They have to find it sooner or later after all There is only trouble and desire and I and U are also alphabets.

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