Monday, February 25, 2008


Those dew pearls on the Green sliding and shining
The golden red disc where the blue water touches the sky of million colors
The Lady in the green standing on the waterfront under the clear blue
The View of a magnificent concrete jungle decorated with brilliant lights from a 102 story building
A 70 year old clip featuring a dumb cat and a cunning Mouse
That bike ride and drizzle on your face and a hilly road
The Smell of a new Book
The Sunday Story in the Newspaper which you may not necessarily agree with
The sound of the willow hitting a leather ball amidst 1000's of hysterical cheers
The feel of that sleek gizmo
That new TV ad
The grave voice of a lanky old man
A tribute song to the men at the frontiers by a lady in her sixties
A long Journey and your best buddy discussing Russian foreign policies
The tears and smiles that welcomes you when you reach at your place
And The taste of that welcome meal
The Sparkle in those eyes as u promise an Ice cream
The Advices and concerns to be careful even after 9 years of exile

Somethings are just too beautiful for words to express :)


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