Thursday, February 07, 2008

How to enjoy a Mocha

I am a computer guy by choice and by profession and that explains my passion for the legal Drug of Arabia. The Mug accompanies you when everyone else is asleep. One can not resist the temptation of caffeine. So I decided to do my bit for Coffee.I will tell you how to make a Good Cafe Mocha.
Its very simple, the first and the most important thing that you need is a tall glass Mug. Tall because you can have more coffee and glass Mug so that you can admire the beauty of your mocha. pour some (1 or 2 teaspoon) chocolate syrup, chocolate powder will also do if you don't have the syrup. They say chocolate has some kind of magic and it makes people happy. It has its melting point slightly below body temperature hence it melts inside the mouth.Now I am not drifting away from the topic but point is chocolate is an important ingredient.
Coming back to Mocha add 1/3 of filter coffee If you use the freshly grounded beans It ll be awesome. Now fill the cup with steamed milk (Use whole milk that will give more froth). pouring the milk is an Art which one can master with time. put a dollop of creme on the top, yeah we are almost there. Pull a chair to the window , sit back, relax and think about the sweetest thing. now add just a little sugar to your coffee. enjoy your scrumptious heavenly Mug.
If you followed the instructions correctly I bet you cant sleep till 6 am in the morning. The reason caffeine plus the magic of bittersweet Mocha :)

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