Thursday, February 21, 2008

only One

If 'AB' is a line and is situated in a plane 'P', There will be lines which may never cross our sample line ( lines forming a plane which is perpendicular to 'P'), But according to Euclid there is only one and only one line parallel to it. there is only one line which is identical to Line AB but at a distance, This distance can be anything from nano Meters (I dont know a unit smaller than this) to light years (again I dont know a unit greater than this). But considering the length that these 2 lines will be traveling together this distance is nothing.
Now the question is if these 2 lines exists in the real word, they say even a light ray is curved. So the answer is NO. But if there exists a line then for sure there is one parallel to it, not crossing the path but right next to it for eternity.

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