Sunday, March 02, 2008

10 men in blue and a God

Today we have the first final against Aussies, and the experts says the key to win these games is the right composition of the team. So the team is playing with 3 quickies, 2 spinners, 1 keeper, 4 batsmen and the God "Sachin Tendulkar".
Nothing is left to say about him. He is the only one competition and inspiration to himself in true sense. 28k+ runs , 81 centuries, 138 50's, 196 wickets and 561 matches in total ODIs and tests... a Super Human record book by any standard. The Shots that he plays are impossible to believe unless you see them in execution.
In this ongoing tour he played 2 such shots on 2 consecutive balls of Brett Lee in 3rd test. Shifting his weight on front foot, taking the ball at the middle of bat, firm grip, accurate timing according to nano clock standards, precise placement and the ball racing to the boundary. perfect is a word which falls short for defining the shots. He did not score much in that inning. But those 2 shots were worth waiting for 5 days and it prompted Sunny Gavaskar to comment "We are lucky to born in these times and witness this little man playing."

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