Thursday, March 13, 2008

headlines today

In this satellite age one gets at least 10 news channels covering every nook and corner of the the world. There are days when you have nothing better to do than skipping channels, today was one such day when some virus increased my body temperature to 103 and relieved me from usual office stuff.I tell you with all the technological advancements news has also come of age,Now every news is a breaking news and remains so even after infinite repeat telecasts. Some of the top stories of the day:

Mahabali Khali
So Mahabali Khalii decided to take a revenge against Gora pehalwans. He is barpao kehar all around.The big Haryanvi is on a rampage. This was such a big peiece of news that two days down and Khali is still the top news.
Raja vs Badshah
Mr perfectionist(read Amir khan) issued a statement "Shahrukh likes to come second." (in light humor I suppose ) and triggered the clash of Khans. Shahrukh tried to avoid the controversy in most defensive/sensible manner but the no matter what Shahrukh says his words will be used in "I am the best" battle. hmmm even Mr perfectionist can't always be politically correct.
Cricketers ki Pathshala
Apna dhoni decided to graduate after gaining stardom and news channels got the masala. So report cards of all the teams members are arranged and their marks discussed. There were also Iamges of Papa Yograj singh brimming with MERA_NAAM_KAREGA_ROSHAN feelings and telling how his son got 76% in BCom. Interestingly enough the channels found a connection between the choice of economics as a graduation option and success of Yuvraj's carrier.
Ranbir in, Ranveer out
Lately Deepika Padukone has been linked up with every celebrity who is under 30 years of age and has 'Y' chromosomes. So after Dhoni was out Yuvraj was in. But the channels managed to find the "Pyar Hua Iqerar Hua" moment between Ranbir kapoor and Deepika Ji, well god bless the love birds whosoever they are.
Hathi mere Sathi
One poor elephant decided to do the "Prince act". His friend elephant no-2 was trying to bring him/her (they dint mention the gender in any of the coverage) out of the dug. Some good fellas saw them struggling and helped the elephant "Prince". As always paparazzi also reached the venue and event was made a festival of TRPs, I am still wondering who has taken the responsibility to send the elephant "Prince" to school this time.
Ishant Sharma, Baal Ki Khal and Katerina Kaif
The New Poster boy of Indian cricket got a new hair cut. So he has to explain the new look to the media as if he handles a razor and scissor in the office instead of leather balls.Sharma who is still in the process of getting used to flashbulbs accidentally mentioned Katrina and the channels got a new SansaniKhej link-up. Now after watching the "Vishesh" and "Breaking News" again and again, I am not sure if he was talking about using his fat paycheck from SRK and company for Caterina victims or asking for a new role opposite Katerina Kaif.

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