Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Muted Music

TV condition: muted
channel tuned : V

Musicians put so much effort in the video album that sometimes its an indicator of the quality of music and the caliber of musician. Ideally the theme of the video goes with the music like Rabbi Shergil's "Bulla shah"... Sufi Music and very abstract theme of the video. Rabbi and his ever changing guitars in all spectrum of the society. Nowadays it has become the style of every "philosophically inclined" Musician like this fellow Raghav Dixit. the song was "Hey Bhagwan" (TV was muted so cant help with the lyrics ;) ) so this guy including his crew was clad in Lungie and playing electric guitar with street urchins and the backdrop was all graffiti-ed. well Interesting video. now if the artist has "soulful" music then shooting in the desert is the only choice. having a story in the video is also common. If the song is a romantic number with a pinch of sadness then either hero or heroine is ghost-ified or limited to a picture on the wall and the other fellow will be in flashback all the time singing and dancing around the trees. If the singer is confident about his/her looks than he/she is the main protagonist otherwise he ll just hang around while the hired models are doing on-screen pyar and taqrar.
Another Hot trend these days is NRI HipHopers. I wonder why so many Desi artists are trying it than any other genre. Is it gangster lifestyle, or these artists identify themselves with the underdogs or may be this style of music is so casual that anyone can try his hands on it and become a star. only these HipHopers can tell.

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प्रवीण परिहार said...

Bahut badiya janab. Ye Galib Sahab ka likha hai,ya Aap ka?

checkout this too.

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