Monday, April 28, 2008

10 things I Like About Bachchan

When he started he was just an average actor with everything -ve about him (according to traditional hero's definition). A 6+ footer, skinny, unconventional voice, a non filmi hairstyle and odd(read funny) dancing style. Not even a side actor from any angle. finding a heroine for him was almost impossible. everyone counted him off but he always believed in his father's lines - "Raah pakad tu ek chala chal pa jayega madhushala..". 10 things that I like about Amitabh Bachchan "the Human".
  • The love and respect for his parents, he prefers to be called Son of HarivanshRai Bachchan rather than Amitabh Bachchan.
  • Family is above everything else.
  • Dedication towards his work(professionalism,punctuality... ).
  • Shudhdha Hindi and impeccable english.
  • and not forgetting Allahabadi.
  • A God loving and not God fearing person.
  • If he fails or commits a mistake never fails to admit it.
  • constantly learning and reinventing himself and now he truly deserves to called "SuperStar of the millennium"
  • The fighter and the survivor.
  • I agree with Mallika Sherawat when she says that Bachchan running on Fire in Agneepath was the sexiest thing ever portrayed on silver screen

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


गो हाथ को जुम्बिश नहीं आन्हों में तो दम है
रहने दो अभी सागहर-ओ-मीना मेरे आगे

Monday, April 14, 2008

blues !!

I have not seen the movie.. but The lyrics suggests that its a romantic song while the mood and tone have melancholic traces
and the voice is also having a feel of guilt .... one of the best song in ABs voice.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tarbooz !!

Yeah Tarbooz is good ..... Its always the same.... you go to the shop choose your Tarbooz, pay the money, come back to your place, wait for 2 hours to cool it, cut it, spice it with some Chat Masala and Oregano and enjoy it melting in your mouth ohhh... and make sure that you dont swallow the seeds. So after finishing my Huge Tarbooz I am feeling drowsy. In a minute I am all zzzz...
The magic of Tarbooz is working .....
I am 10 years old and at my Nani's place,Ek chhota sa ganv National Highway se 4 Km par . Its 5:45 AM and sare bachche so rahe hai, bas main jaag gaya... irritated from the first rays of the sun and musical chatter of birds. I saw a white feather on my bed .. Ok so its Masti Time....... within 5 minutes everybody is woken up and shouting at me ha ha I love it.... I was pronounced as guilty and the punishment was that I have to brush my teeth. Angan me ek achcha sa Handpump bhi hai and its very smooth so that even I can pump it. While I am playing with the brush, Dabur Lal Dant Manjan and the Handpump, "Chunbadda" aa gaya, he takes care of our cows, Kabhi kabhi uske ladke bhi aate hai kaam karne, ek ka naam hai "Manager"( pronounced as manaejar) aur doosre ka "Pilot", I wish "Chunbadda" k Mom Dad ne bhi thoda aur socha hota ya at least usse hi poochh lete ki use naam pasand hai ya nahi, I think its funny but only when its not your name. kuchh aur log the Ganv me jinke naam interesting the jaise ki ghar k paas me ek Joot ka kaam karne wala banda rahta tha his name was "Rajesh Khanna Yadav" now thats a good name to have. the explanation I got was that Rajesh Khanna was his father's favorite hero.
So after brushing my teeth I got the garma garam chulhe(earthen Oven) ki chai, Subah ka chulha angan me hi hota hai. thodi si aag chai me bhi mil jati hai and tell you what Its the best Chai in the world. Chai and breakfast k baad Its bathing time.
The place has got 2 rivers, well not exactely 2 river one is "RatnaGarbha" a sub river of "Ken" and the other is just the sub river of the Sub River its callled "Bisahil", but the water of "RatnaGarbha" is very clear and also it has got different depths at different spots you can choose the suitable one for you according to your swimming skills. My favorite point was the place where the water was very shallow just 1 feet or so , the River is very wide at this point and its like 4 football grounds arranged in a square and filled with different colored stones and 1 feet of water and at some points small Icelands. one can spend hours playing in that Biggest BathTub I have seen. Its way better than Jacuzzis and Saunas I tell you. I guess the river is named so because in that clear water the colored stones and the shells looked like real gems. after playing for several hours and several "LETS GO BACK" calls jab ham wapis jane se mana kar dete the tab pani se khinch kar nikala jata tha. Nadi k dono taraf kafi sari seasonal cheejon ki kheti hoti hai , and for 3 4 Rs you can get anything you want in ample amount, did someone said inflation ...
Sometimes while playing in the river you can find some more interesting things like once i found a small turtle with conical rainbow colored back, I brought it back to home with me aur ghar ke tank me chhod diya, par bechara itna ghabraya hua tha aur usne itni badboo failayee ki dusre din wapis chhod kar aana pada :( .
Dhool bhare raste par wapis lautate huye sare log poochhte the "Kehikar larika aaye" (Kiske yahan aaye ho !!) , and after knowing the family details treating us with utmost love. Ghar pahunchte hi thodi si masti k baad lunch time. Iske baad sona hota tha 2 option the ek andar wala underground kamra hota tha which was always a very cool place due to its thick Mud walls. ya fir sabse bahar wala room jahan par windows par khas ke parde laga diye jate the aur koi un par poore time pani deta rahta tha , May June ki dopahar me bahar jitni joron se garm hawa chal rahi hoti thi tab hamara room utna hi thanda hota tha Plus Khas aur Gili Mitti ki mahak. yahan bhi main jaldi se uth kar oopar wale kamre me chala jata tha which is called "Atari". Is room me sari purani historical cheejen bhari hoti thi and it was like a treasure hunt. Kuchh kafi shandar cheejen dhoondhi thi maine wahan se, Like a very old "Bhonpu" (Honker, a bugle fitted with a rubber bulb ), mouth horgan, harmonium, A camera which u have to hold at your waist and look down on it to take pictures, A Big hunting knife ( I tested its blade on a papaya tree, itni dant padi thi ki kya bataun) and if you cant find anything there are always Nani's old book collection to read . It had everything from 20 year old magazines , science fictions, classical novels, regular novels (Ved Prakash Sharma type) , religious books, subscriptions of Akhand Jyoti and one more religious magazine, books on Ayurveda and some non fictions among other things. Its like getting something which you cant get anywhere else in the world. there was also one more Atari which was always filled with Bhoosa (dry fodder) . So rarely go there except when I want to eat mangos, Is bhoose k dher me hamesha dher sare aam dabe hote the and 10 din purane kachche aam ekdam meethe ho jate the. so you have to just make sure that u find the right batch of mangoes.
Sham hote hi ham wapis se Nadi ki taraf ghoomne jate the Nadi k just paas me ek "Tekari" thi, ye poore ganv me sabse oonchi jagah thi aur EK chhota sa mandir bhi tha Ganv ki Kuldevi ka, This place was always buzzing with people , It had a very interesting shape ... jaise ek bade se sphere ko aadha kaat kar rakh diya gaya ho top par ek bada sa pedh uske neeche ek chhota sa mandir. Yahan se paas wali railway line bhi dikhti thi , aur us par jati huyee train bhi.
Nadi ke kinare hamara Aamon ka bageecha tha, hamare ancestors kafi shaukeen the shayad, itni sari variety of Mangoes maine ek jagah par aur kahin nahi dekhe although ab ye decline par tha par fir bhi yahan around 300 trees the kewal mangoes ke,plantation was so dense ki bageeche ke andar dhoop kabhi nahi aati thi. You can decide your mango and then you can have it too. but you have to make sure ki use khane se pahle uska oopar wala hissa hata dena hai, It was called "Tor" aur agar wo kahin bhi lag gaya to wahan ki skin par rashes ho jate the. ham apne sath ek chaku aur thoda sa specially prepared "Masala" le jate the aur fir nadi me ek spot the jahan par ek bada sa paththar pada hota tha (which had a very interesting shape as it was used as for washing cloths by the laundrymen) us par baith kar pani me pair daal kar aaram se apne apne hisse k aam khate the , kabhi kabhi ham kheton ki taraf bhi jate the jahan par kuchh alag alag cheejen milti thi, like Ganna (sugarcane) aur garam garam Khand ka Gud (concentrated solid sugarcane juice) from small earthen pits (Its one of the best sweet I have ever tasted). kabhi koi dusra season hua to barbati (beans, I dont know a different name for this), matar, makka and the list is endless.
wapis aane k time tak sari gayen bhi wapis aa rahi hoti thi (my elders told me its called "Godhuli" bela) its always a magnificant scene, The sun is getting bigger sky colored with different colors sare raston par bas aadmi ya janwar aur kafi sari ganv ki Mitti.
Raat ke khane ke baad Dher sari baten aur dher sari kahaniya fir wapis se Khule Angan me ham log so jate the Kabhi kabhi raat ki train ki whistle bhi sunayee deti thi . Abhi bhi sunayee de rahi hai , fir se lagta hai koi train ja rahi hai but the whistle is getting louder and louder as if its running on my bed only, ohhh its a call from a friend. He is asking if I am coming for the night show of the latest flick.....
Tarbooz ka jadoo khatam :)


"Don't let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their's."

found this on a friends blog ... guess she is right ... people try to find people whom they'd like and not those who ll like them. Its like: I like eating mangoes but I never cared for what mango really wanted (yeah i know bad example.. but its Mango's season so thats the only thing I can think of right now). I will never choose a mango which will prefer to be eaten by me. Why is it so...?? is it fair to the mango...?? am I doing any injustice ... ?? lots of ethical questions. A mango is not free to make choices or rather does not have any control over the situations so does that mean that it has to succumb to my preferences. I am sure if the mango files a PIL, The court will decide in Mango's favor and I would be asked to provide damages to all the mangoes in the past and in future I have to take the consent from the Mango before I dare to entertain the idea of eating it. Thank God Mangoes don't have brains and they can not file PILs.
But the more important question is still valid "What happens to the friendships where one person is more imp to the other and the situation is not 50-50 % from both sides". So this kind of relationships exits ?? ... Yeah I am sure everyone has some friends where they are just being there, not willingly but they don't want to hurt their "friend". is it a question of Superior and Inferior ??? so for example I can say:
1. I know everything about "Amitabh Bachchan"
2. I can do anything for him.
2 conditions which are required for friendship but are not sufficient so when I may agree on these 2 points AB may not necessarily agree to any one of them, so is he guilty... ??does it make me a lesser immortal than AB...?? before we come to any conclusion lets check various perspectives on this problem...

Amitabh Bachchan: He did not invited me for his friendship directly, I have seen his movies and then I became an ardent fan of him, when he sings "Ye dosti ham nahi todenge.." I feel like singing in "Manna deys" voice.. so is he responsible ?? may be yes and may be not.. so lets give him the benefit of doubt and declare him as innocent as the mango.

ME: Well AB is not reciprocating the conditions for friendship... so why am I doing it ?? i guess he is fulfilling his other duties for the equation, he continues to make good movies and the old ones keep getting better and better with time. so he is a friend and I am the reason why he is making movies ( Ok... so you can multiply "I" with millions ). so the equation is balanced.

Conclusion: "So a friendship is always balanced" ( stolen from Physics and replaced "equation" with "friendship") both the sides contribute 100 % to the other { wow I feel like Aristotle now;) }

P.S. : for Mangoes... I still cant balance the equations so switched the example before you noticed. ha ha Thats so claver of me I know I know, ohh... the Mango is giving me "You_have_to_pay_for_this" stares ... lets switch to Tarbooj...

Friday, April 11, 2008

not alone ;)

Hopelessly Addicted

Pillowpack Romance ??

valentines day and red roses, chocolates and teddybears, archies and hallmarks, red ribbons and golden rings, dance classes and college canteens, Mills and Boons and plastic cupids, John Lennons and Elton Johns, cold wine and hot chocolate, burgers and breakups, pizzas and patchups, black pearls and blue diamonds, Linda Goodman and love calculators, roses and orchids, matinee shows and evening jackets,air kisses and fake wishes, love bites and friday nights

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kabhi Kabhi ...

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind
That you were made for me.
Before this you lived among the stars
You were called to earth for me.
Sometimes the thought crosses my mind
That your body, your eyes are in trust for me.
The dense shade of your hair is for me alone,
These lips, these arms are in my trust.
Sometimes the thought crosses my mind
As if wedding music plays on the road.
It is our wedding night and I'm lifting your veil...
You're melting in my arms, blushing with shyness...
Sometimes the thought crosses my mind
That you'll love me forever.
You'll always look at me with love in your eyes...
I know you now belong to another, but still
Sometimes the thought crosses my mind...

- Sahir Ludhianvi


Kabhi Kabhi mere dil me khayal aata hai, ki jindagi teri julfo ki naram chhanv me gujarne pati to shadab ho bhi sakti thi,ye Ranj-O-Gham ki syahi jo dil pe chhayi hai , teri najar ki shuwaon me kho bhi sakti thi ......magar ye ho na saka .... magar ye ho na saka, aur ab ye alam hai ,ki tu nahi tera gham teri justju bhi nahi, gujar rahi hai kuchh is tarah jindagi, jaise... ise kisi ke sahare ki aarzoo bhi nahi,na koi raah na koi manjil na roshni ka surag , bhatak rahi hai andhro me jindagi meri,inhi andhron me rah jaunga kabhi kho kar, main janta hoon meri hamnafas..... magar younhin ... kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal aata hai ..........................

-Amitabh Malhotra

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Making of A Breaking News

someone actually took an effort to capture the images and send it across, No comments :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


झुकी झुकी सी नज़र बेकरार है की नही
दबा दबा सा सही दिल में प्यार है की नही

तू अपने दिल की जावान धद्कानों को गिन के बता
मेरी तरह तेरा दिल बेकरार है की नही

वो पल के जिस में मुहब्बत जवान होती है
उस एक पल का तुझे इन्ताज़ार है की नही

तेरी उम्मीद पे ठुकरा रहा हून दुनिया को
तुझे भी अपने पे ये ऐतबार है की नही

Awara sajde

दूर मंजिल थी मगर ऎसी भी कुछ दूर  थी
लेके फिरती रही रस्ते ही में वहशत मुझ को
एक ज़ख्म ऐसा न खाया के बहार आ जाती
दार तक लेके गया शौक़-ए-शहादत मुझ को

राह में टूट गए पान्व् तो मालूम हुआ
जुज़ मेरे और मेरा रहनुमा कोई नही
एक के बाद खुदा एक चला आता था
कह दिया अक्ल ने तंग आके 'खुदा कोई नही'