Monday, May 12, 2008

25 Borrowed Pearls

  • Anticipation is often better than the real thing.
  • Lying on the green grass of an empty field makes you feel so good.
  • Most of the things you worry about never happen.
  • No one has a clue about what a stock market is going to do.
  • When you get your room the way you like it, mom makes you clean it up.
  • More creative you are more things you notice.
  • A person is only as good as his or her words.
  • Life challanges us with the fact that everything can be done better.
  • People who wear Micky Mouse watches are usually creative and fun to be with.
  • No matter how thin u slice it there are always 2 side.
  • Silent company is often more healing than words of advice.
  • Nothing really Bad happens when u remove those little "Do Not remove" tags.
  • If you care it shows.
  • Never go to bad with an argument unsettled.
  • A mule dressed in a tuxedo is still a mule.
  • No matter how glamorous a job seems at first, after six months its just another job.
  • U cant tell how far a frog can jump just by looking at him.
  • Its lot easier to react than it is to think.
  • If you laugh and drink soda at the same time it will come out of your nose.
  • Its never too late to heal an enjured relationship.
  • The trip is often more fun than the destination.
  • Kids need hugs more than they need things
  • Everyone is attractive when they smile.
  • It pays to believe in miracles.

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