Monday, May 12, 2008

Kkricket, KaramYudhdha, Rakhi Sawant and Bang Bang

Subhash Chandra announced the launch of a new avatar of the cricket "Indian Cricket League" when he was cheated for the TV rights of the game for his channel Zee TV. The Biggest Hero of Indian Cricket "Kapil Dev" was roped in and according to the paperwork ICL was said to be the richest cricket league in the world.

SRK "The Intelligent Risk Taker" saw a tremendous opportunity in IPL and invested his hard earned money to buy a team studded with stars and then did what he does best, the "Kolkata knight Riders" are SRKed completely.

They say History repeats itself. In late 70s Kerry Pecker bidded for the TV rights of the game, but despite being the highest bidder the rights were given to ABC and pecker decided to create the content for himself and thus One day Cricket got its commercial birth.

BCCI wasnt amused with the idea of someone breaching its territory. so they flexed their money muscles against it and ICL became a show without an audience.

A leading News channel planned a special show with Rakhi Sawant Rate_the_IPL_Teams with four seasoned anchors interviewing her. "TO Rakhi ji aap ki favourite team kaun si hai ". Rakhi thinking audibly for a while and announcing the Judgement "Bangalore kyonki wo Mallya ji ki team hai na aur Mallya ji kitne COOL hain {blushing..} ".

Even ICL was a flop show but BCCI realized the potential of Bollywoodised Cricket so they planned their own version, the Indian Premier League and floodgates of corporate money were opened to it. only the TV rights were sold for a record billion $ plus amount. BCCI just unearthed a gold mine and ICL unknowingly handed over the treasure map to its rival.

"To Rakhi Ji aapki dusare number par kaun aata hai" blurted the second anchor, Rakhi Sawant rubbing her points slate, writing 9 on it and showinng it to the Camera "Shahrukh ki team, I love Shahrukh kitna achcha dance kiya hai unhone video me and unki dress kitni achchi hai unhi ki team ka chance hai 2sre number par aane ke" {more blushing}.

On the opening Day itself Brandon mccullum launched the blitzkrieg, BCCI and its Franchise cudnt ask for more, almost every match saw the birth of a new star. the local talent got the much needed exposure and they made the most of it. The fresh Indian blood showed that they can compete with the likes of Mcgraws, Warnes and Pontings.

Some carpetbaggers also joined the bandwagon, they targeted whatever they could they point their fingers to, and poor cheerleaders became the target this time. TV channels got the masala for 24x7 shows and this phenomenon also breaded some So called cricket experts like this fellow Rajindar Amarnath I guess some distant cousins of him played cricket sometime or may be just sharing the famous surname made him an expert.

Some big names also failed miserably in the game, Rahul Dravid after a loosing streak commented that he selected a the perfect "Test Team".

"So Rakhi ji delhi ki team k bare me aapka kya khayal hai" Rakhi Sawant trying to figure out something about Delhi team and then writes 5 on her slate and showing it the camera : " Delhi team k video me Akshay Kumar hai na, mujhe unka video pasand nahi aaya poore scene me to unhone helmet pahna hua hai chehra dikhta hi nahi hai aur wo cricket khel rahe hai are tum naach bhi loge adventure bhi kar loge cricket bhi khel loge to cricketer kya karenge sorry Akshay tumhari team ko 5"

Yeah and when Srisanth cried at the end of that match I thought that he got sentimental after their first win, but IPL has got more surprises in its bag than one can expect.

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