Sunday, April 13, 2008


"Don't let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their's."

found this on a friends blog ... guess she is right ... people try to find people whom they'd like and not those who ll like them. Its like: I like eating mangoes but I never cared for what mango really wanted (yeah i know bad example.. but its Mango's season so thats the only thing I can think of right now). I will never choose a mango which will prefer to be eaten by me. Why is it so...?? is it fair to the mango...?? am I doing any injustice ... ?? lots of ethical questions. A mango is not free to make choices or rather does not have any control over the situations so does that mean that it has to succumb to my preferences. I am sure if the mango files a PIL, The court will decide in Mango's favor and I would be asked to provide damages to all the mangoes in the past and in future I have to take the consent from the Mango before I dare to entertain the idea of eating it. Thank God Mangoes don't have brains and they can not file PILs.
But the more important question is still valid "What happens to the friendships where one person is more imp to the other and the situation is not 50-50 % from both sides". So this kind of relationships exits ?? ... Yeah I am sure everyone has some friends where they are just being there, not willingly but they don't want to hurt their "friend". is it a question of Superior and Inferior ??? so for example I can say:
1. I know everything about "Amitabh Bachchan"
2. I can do anything for him.
2 conditions which are required for friendship but are not sufficient so when I may agree on these 2 points AB may not necessarily agree to any one of them, so is he guilty... ??does it make me a lesser immortal than AB...?? before we come to any conclusion lets check various perspectives on this problem...

Amitabh Bachchan: He did not invited me for his friendship directly, I have seen his movies and then I became an ardent fan of him, when he sings "Ye dosti ham nahi todenge.." I feel like singing in "Manna deys" voice.. so is he responsible ?? may be yes and may be not.. so lets give him the benefit of doubt and declare him as innocent as the mango.

ME: Well AB is not reciprocating the conditions for friendship... so why am I doing it ?? i guess he is fulfilling his other duties for the equation, he continues to make good movies and the old ones keep getting better and better with time. so he is a friend and I am the reason why he is making movies ( Ok... so you can multiply "I" with millions ). so the equation is balanced.

Conclusion: "So a friendship is always balanced" ( stolen from Physics and replaced "equation" with "friendship") both the sides contribute 100 % to the other { wow I feel like Aristotle now;) }

P.S. : for Mangoes... I still cant balance the equations so switched the example before you noticed. ha ha Thats so claver of me I know I know, ohh... the Mango is giving me "You_have_to_pay_for_this" stares ... lets switch to Tarbooj...

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