Thursday, May 22, 2008


Time: 4:45 AM
Place: M.G. Road Indore

After a long day, I decided to ease off, And what could be the best way to loose the neurons than a long drive in the wee hours. I cranked up my bike and headed to the busiest road in my town which is very calm at this hour, No Pollution, cool early morning breeze, It was heavenly. the speedometer is reading 110. That kind of speed does something to you. you are not driving anymore, flying is the word. you forget that its a city road and the speed limit is 40. Everything is blurred out of vision except the black strip in front. So Calm, so serene and peaceful. The handle bar, gear peddle and the accelerator are not mechanical anymore, The Bike is an extension of you. The musical rhythm of the four stroke engine eliminates any other noise........ Noise from outside........ Noise from Inside. And if at all you are thinking then your only wish would be that this moment shall never pass.
Right now is one such moment. something caught my attention...... few meters down the Road is a square and the road divider with 3 feet hight is ending at that point, A cycle is appearing from its edge, 1 rider 2 pillions. very slow ... very balanced and totally unaware of me. in a moment I will hit them @ 110 and then I will slide for 100 meters and I wont be able to notice what happened to them. Turning the handle is not an option If I try it I ll be flat and it ll be full on collision, can I slow down??? No too late for that even jamming the wheels wont make any difference now. I will hit the middle and that will be the worst . I can feel each rotation of the wheel.... inching towards a deadly collision. they noticed the honk and turning their heads towards the source. I am looking at those men and the Fear in those 3 pairs of eyes and they are looking at the object of the Fear. My heart jumped to my mouth and then sunk deep down somewhere, The body perspired I feel hot, the next moment it evaporated and I am colder. I can feel raised hair at the back of my neck. and then the sensation gone.... I am awake.... all awake ..... and I can do nothing to avoid this collision........ I am watching them and they are watching me.Ohhhh god I am going to kill these men........... Its all black....... or......... blank

And we passed each other without touching, without hurting. a slight deflection of the handle bar helped.

Every moment is like a minuscule eternity, and this sure was one.

its funny enough ;)

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