Friday, May 16, 2008

That Beauty in the Green

I was reading an article on branding and the writer provided an interesting example about the ultimate success of an Ad campaign. When Captain Vikram Batra conquered his final frontier and celebrated it the battle cry "Ye Dil Mange More". I am not a marketing student so I not going to discuss details of Brand image, but i just want to tell you my favorite drink. My first cold drink was "Citra" a lemon flavored drink which was available easily in every nook and corner of the country in early 90s. Today I dont remember its taste but what I remember is the beautiful green bottle of it. Citra was a coca-cola product (I am not sure though), but somehow it did not make business sense for them to continue this product in India. Then I tried Thumsup but I dint like it (reasons unknown). Then one fine day i saw the ad of Canada Dry; a Siberian tiger was running on a snow covered barren land searching something to quench his thirst and then he found a beautiful green bottle, a satisfied sigh of relief and in BIG BOLD letters Canada Dry written across the screen... man I gotta taste this drink. So I rushed to the nearest restaurant for the same but he dint had the stock, the name was alien to him. After searching a lot of vendors I found it in a store it was nice, but kind of strong for me, but anyway I preferred it over other "Soft" drinks. Then after some time this too became unavailable in Indian markets .
I need to find something else, I tried Coke, Pepsi Thumsup and not to mention Maja, Mirinda ( this one I liked after that Ad of Amitabh "Wo khaki ki wardi Wo Chiththi ka thaila, Do hi hafton me banegi wo laila postman ki mrs.... ") but something dint clicked and my search continued. then one fine day I found "Fido" and 7-up became my favorite drink.
The change of millenium brought new changes everywhere and it also brought some more green bottles in the country and now I got the "Mounain DEW". Even they make really ham ads but I like this semi opaque green liquid. But so far my favorite drink is "Sprite" the real Green Bubbly Beauty.

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