Sunday, June 29, 2008

And I saw him

With every activity at the gate the crowd goes frenetic. The Steel railings moves likes a rope from the pressure of thousands of eager fans. The building was sealed several hours before the scheduled time. No one could go in or out. Cellphone Cameras were out and stretched over the shoulders through best of hands to catch every moment of this madness. All shops were closed and the salespersons were part of the deafening crowd. Police and security personals were at the highest degree of alertness, tension was dripping from their bodies.Something happened at the entrance.An absolute mad band started playing the dhols, they were jumping and competing with each other, they dint not worry about the rhythm or their Dhols, they were beating it like anything. A mass of Humans started moving. He was there, at the epicenter. Everything was moving except him. the crowd was looking like his extension. Glass panes started shattering from escalators and railings. I Never thought that I would ever go for celebrity watching. But there I was dying to catch a glimpse of him. And then he said "Indore Wasion Ko Amitabh Bachchan Ka Namaskar". the crowed echoed his words and then fell silent to hear the next words. Now only he was speaking and everything else was drop dead silent. He started moving again and everything else moved with him. the platform where he was standing came crashing down. one girl was lying on the floor unconscious as the crowd moved from the place. After few moments he was gone. The road was jam packed even several hours after that hoping that he will reappear like his movies. And I remember one of his lines "Hum Jahan Khade Ho Jate Hai Line Wohin Se Shru Hoti Hai"
his Reaction

I think he is too much obsessed about himself ;)

Picture perfect

Dil Cheez hai Kya Jana ...
This song came in when SONY launched in India and they used to play this one all the time.This Oldie in the voice of Nayyara Noor is just fabulous. Bali Sagoo did a great Job with the beats and the video. The use of Virtual Camera was awesome and very latest for that time, its been more than 12 yrs now...

Chandni Raten ...
First Audio cassette that I bought myself (Distant voices-97). beautiful video ... Bali Sagoo brilliantly rendered this gem from Noor Jehan .

Tu Hi Re ...
Absolutely wonderful song. Rehman's haunting melodies accentuated by the lush green locations and the old fort.

Tujhse Naraaj Nahi ...
Some times a voice can reach the deepest corner of your heart... one of those songs.. Lata Mangeshkar and brilliance of Shekhar kapoor.

Piya Basanti ...
This was the time of change for Indi Pop. Legends started looking at the new style of music making that resulted in some of the very fine numbers. NFK and other Pakistani singers lend their voice to make gold. The dew drop beauty of Nauheed Cyruci made it more special.

Dooba Dooba ...
You cant recreate a masterpiece. The band wasn't able to repeat the magic they did with this number

Teri Deewani ...
Kailas Kher truely knows his style of music. Different stories pictured at various alleys of Hyderabad explains magic that is called love. The climax where a silhouette dance with fireworks and the setting sun... you could actually experience her trance and feel the connection between love and God

Rabbi Shergil ...
When this song released I just came into a new City Bangalore. Radio, TV, Shopping malls Everywhere they were playing this number only and it was somewhat irritating at the beginning. But with time I started liking this one as I was experiencing the Life in a Metro. The Guitar and the background kept changing while the singer kept looking for his identity ..

Dil Hai Chhota Sa ...
The melody is timeless and the lyrics are simply genius. The song marked the arrival of Rehman...

Monday, June 23, 2008


















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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Too good to be true

I wanted it, I wanted it so so badly and I never dreamt life without it. It was the first thought when I get up in the morning, the last thing when I go to bed, and every moment in between.
Something tells me its an impossible dream, It does not belong to me. But there was a hope that kept it alive. It was too good to be true, but some how I felt that its real. surreal but nice ..... and true....
This morning was no different It started with a beautiful thought. The Newspaper read: "with so much to overwhelm your senses, you could simple go numb to the wonders of the world. You need your quiet time.You also need clear, clean surfaces around you." I smiled.
And then I saw it, going away, going back to where it belongs. I was sitting there addressing a meeting, talking and listening to "Important" stuff...... mechanically. gaping into the void, that thin air where it vanished. And I am smiling..... neither happy nor sad. Not sure how I should feel or react. awestruck..... And then an angel saw me. She hugged me and said "It 'll be fine......" and I knew it ll... m sure it ll.... someday it ll ....... :)