Thursday, June 12, 2008

Too good to be true

I wanted it, I wanted it so so badly and I never dreamt life without it. It was the first thought when I get up in the morning, the last thing when I go to bed, and every moment in between.
Something tells me its an impossible dream, It does not belong to me. But there was a hope that kept it alive. It was too good to be true, but some how I felt that its real. surreal but nice ..... and true....
This morning was no different It started with a beautiful thought. The Newspaper read: "with so much to overwhelm your senses, you could simple go numb to the wonders of the world. You need your quiet time.You also need clear, clean surfaces around you." I smiled.
And then I saw it, going away, going back to where it belongs. I was sitting there addressing a meeting, talking and listening to "Important" stuff...... mechanically. gaping into the void, that thin air where it vanished. And I am smiling..... neither happy nor sad. Not sure how I should feel or react. awestruck..... And then an angel saw me. She hugged me and said "It 'll be fine......" and I knew it ll... m sure it ll.... someday it ll ....... :)

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eNonymous said...

Dont worry, it will be fine

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