Friday, July 11, 2008


Gujratis are very interesting ppl, their survival instincts are exemplary. they don't need Food Air or Water, just another "Guzzu" will do. no matter if he is from Kathiyawad, Ahemdabad or Saurashtra, hindu aur muslim, Guzzuism is bigger than all.The community sense bw them is so strong that I believe they can very well leave the Jews far behind. y'day i d the priviledge to dine with one of my Gujrati friend and his relatives. we went to an indian restaurant, the food was boring with comparison to its indian counterparts. but the conversation was much more interesting. they moved to this country 5 yrs back when they got the "GREEN Card". the kids were totally americanized. the older one had a cup of coffee in one hand and tissue papers in his pocket all the time while the younger one's accent was completely changed, so every 2 sentences were punctuated by "u know wht i m sayin...". but they were all speaking in Guzzu (in different accents). Aunty kept explaining me everything in "Gujrati" and i kept nodding. then someone pointed that i dont understand her language, she spoke a few sentences in hingujlish and then again moved to her preferred language, and i continued nodding. It was nice.:)
Guzzus are very friendly and soft spoken people they love their food, their culture, Mr. Narendra Modi, and most importantly their Language. they are always interesting people, nice and interesting in their own weird way.


Nistha said...

and that tells me u r in US :)

Prashant said...

Waltham(M.A.) :)

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