Monday, July 28, 2008

Presidential Campaign

A leader is successful when he is able to communicate his message and his mission to masses. If he wants to win the political race he has to win the heart of his people. I remember when I was elementary school, During election time was fun. U can hear patriotic songs from blaring loudspeakers of campaigning vehicles. They put various stalls in each and every corner of the town to distribute election goodies, that included Stickers, pamphlets, flags, placards. It was a play thing for us and we used to ask questions to each other in our class during this time "Whom will you vote for??" I still remeber my Ans "Ham to Panje ko vote denge" Panja (Hand) is the symbol of Congress party and I guess that was because the Only 3 politicians I knew at that time were from Congress. Nehru, Indira and Rajeev. ohh I again digressed from the main topic so .... I was traveling in this last Subway of the night and it was heading for its last stop, the Compartment was neither empty nor crowded. One Black man under the influence of alcohol started marching the compartment. everyone cleared his way. After noticing that he has got crowds attention, He strated speaking like a seasoned politician. "mah Dea Friends, This Country needs Barack Obama, John McCain is another Bush,yeah right He is another ******* Bush. Bush has ruined this Country and mcCain will do the same. We Need Obama, Barack Obama only he can Bring thhis contry to senses. Mah Friends The Kings of Africa are coming to America... yeah Kings of Africa and they are coming for good. Kings of Africa will run this country." People who in the beginning were laughing in their sleeves were now paying serious attention to him. The speech continued for another half hour till the train reached its destination.

Another Instance when I heard Obama's praises was News On Aaj Tak (Sabse Tej). They got this picture of Obama showing a couple of charms. The picture courtesy they claimed was from TIME magazine. The camera zoomed dramatically Zeroing on the hands of Obama highlighting the charms with a red circle. suddenly the channel started playing Hanuman Chalisa and an animated arrow started pointing at one of the charm. then an anchor appeared on the side of the picture and his zestful word he disclosed that Obama carries a "Hanuman bhakt" and that Charm is an idol of hanuman which he acquired during one of his visits to Indonesia. after several repeats of the picture. A short history of Indonesian culture and contribution of divine intervention in Obama's campaign the program ended with a poll "Kya Hanuman Ji Obama ko election Jitne me madad karenge??"

Now I know whom to vote for; I will vote for Barack Obama whichever party he belongs to :) .

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