Sunday, August 31, 2008


Advocate Chadhdha is interrogating Damini in the court and is mentally harassing her to prove his point. I realize that its a movie, I know that the actor playing Indrajit Chadhdha is dead in real world. I know that he was a gentleman in real life. But at the moment I feel like shooting the man and shoot him till he ll become unrecognizable. I pity for Shekhar Gupta. Everytime Bajaj, Gupta or Kadam appears on screen I feel flickers in my nerves. Damini lifts a shovel against bad men and I can feel a current running down my spine. Everytime Govind says some chewed up words I can feel the echo in my head. Damini rejects the "System" and I feel Sorry for it. The 2 1/2 hr video has been labeled as Drama, but I feel like a part of the clapping court audience after the showdown from Damini.

.... Just another Filmi Fan

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