Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bhai saab kahan jana hai !!

once upon a time a wise man told me 2 thumb rules of finding your way. Rule number one everyone is going where you want to go. Rule number two everything in the world is a sign pointing to your direction and everyone in the world is meant to be your navigator the only thing you should know is how to read these signs and how to ask directions to these navigators. I try to follow these 2 rules. People respond differently when you ask them directions. First they look at you then the vehicle you are driving then at your fellow riders (pillions in case of two wheelers and at the back seat in case of a car). Then they will explain you the way. A good traveler makes sure that more than 1 sign and navigators are consulted before progressing in a certain direction. sometimes they tell you the direction with every minute description. and sometimes they just point you to the next hop and expects that you find your way from there. Sometimes they inquire the purpose of visit and then only tell the way. Its a very common thing that when you ask a direction from 1 person several others join in to guide you the way. Now its your responsibility to find the right navigator.
Speaking of signs they mean different things to different people but you need to be a seasoned traveler to read them, once I was at Panjim and I was staying in a hotel in the middle of the city, but each day when I came back to the hotel I always forgot my way, but somehow I manage to reach the hotel. On 3rd day I realized that the landmark that I identified to find the hotel was actually a delivery van. Make sure that when you go to a place you identify the proper landmarks correctly. So apart from this delivery van I identified other landmarks too in the quest of finding my hotel, but the problem was now i knew how every street looked at night time they all looked familiar but i dint knew which one goes to my hotel.
Apne Desh me public is hamesha ready to guide you the way. you can find someone at any point of time and at the remotest place to ask the directions. but in vilayat its altogether different story. I mean one can not lower the sidescreens and ask the next driver "bhaiya downtown kahan se jate hai", or you can not pull over on a highway to consult the map with a dhaba person. Either you have to be a map GURU or you can take the help of latest technology: GPS.
Its a very helpful device and it tries its best to guide you, the GPS speaks the turns and sides in its faminine voice. What you need to make sure is to focus on the information and ignore the attractive voice. the best part is the lady voice doesnt crib ( ;) ) if you miss a visible clear turn or exit. It will say "recalculating..." without any complains. but sometimes Even the machine can take its revenge. Once we forced our GPS to calculate the way several times than It pointed us to a way which was now a dead end( though after some inspection we realized that there was a way sometime back back which was now lost in the foliage), then it took us on a street which was a one way because of some construction.
But these all are just small obstacles a traveler reaches his destination if he has the desire. "Agar kisi cheej ko dil se chaho to sari kayanat tumhe wahan pahunchane me lag jati hai" (read something like tht in a book par SRK made it so popular that now I know several other versions of this quote)

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