Friday, December 12, 2008

Jara hat k jara bach k ye hai Mumbai Meri Jaan !!

The attacks on Mumbai made a lot of sh** hit the fan: Innocent lives, blame games, dirty politics and soft Indian Borders (That means we did not learn a lesson or two from Kargil).

The initial news flashed pictures of a car remains and a panicked Mumbai; and then the tension kept on rising. Horror gripped the city for next couple of days.
A considerable number of "Indians" gave their lives to kill the rats. But its time we should take a look back and identify what went wrong.

We have 16 + intelligence agencies in India and each of them had bits and pieces about these attacks, but no information is useful unless its processed and in given to capable people. The so called "IT SuperPower" does not have any guidelines to share the information between crucial govt. echelons. If this information was shared than probably all those terror boys would have landed in Yerwada jail instead of Taj. A group plans a terror attack, its follow a beeline to Mumbai. Park their boat in the heart of financial capital of India. take to stroll to the VIP places and capture the attention of the world for next 3 days not to mention bring the city to a standstill which boast of "Mumbai never sleeps".

Our security force: no doubt its full of young and red blood but they they are severely lacking in terms of resources and combat gear. Karkare got 3 bullets on his chest; either he is not wearing the bulletproof jacket which was highly unlikely in such a high alert situation OR the bullet proof jacket was nothing more than a canvas vest. I cant believe NSG commandos were not carrying the smoke bombs, I mean they are experts and they know their job very well. but a smoke bomb can be very useful in such condition, and which is an integral part of the kit of a close combat teams of other nations. I have seen commandos in movies only but they were always with sophisticated headgear equipped with communication and optical instruments which can be proved life saving and mission critical at the end of day, but our NSG got only what looked like a simple hard hat to face bullets.

I liked it when Google launched its Google earth; it’s amazing and very sleek. But the terrorists find it equally useful. US govt forced Google to blur or misplace its key building on G earth but India and other countries have no control over it and now terror organization need no spy to collect information for them. It’s freely and legitimately available; thanks to the open world wide web.

from the first day the tragedy was being touted as 9/11 of India. WHAT THE HECK?? why we need to Americanize everything including something as serious as this??

Politicians failed miserably in this case (once again). First they reacted late to bring in specialized forces. Once it is over they started playing their fav games. Home minister, CM and deputy CM were made whip boys instead of taking the responsibility of the events and taking some concrete steps. Our PM is a very intelligent and respected man but with his feeble voice and docile attitude I never found him fit enough to be the PM of India. but then the question is Who else.... I wish I had an answer to this. waise where is that prophet of marathi manoos these days ... ?

They came with a plan to kill at least 5000 people. They got killed before the target but not before they had taken a lot of innocent lives. And not to mention the plan was a hit they got a full televised coverage of the battle better than they expected. Each country whose citizen were in there was following the operation closely. With that kind of publicity terrorist organization couldn’t ask for more. Also the TV crews kept showing details of each movement of the army on TV, Now even if the terrorists did not have access to the TV sets they were continuously in touch with their bosses across the border. And these TV crews were acting as their eyes.
Situation was so bad that the English tour of India got cancelled. Those buggers got a reason to run away and save their tail. And India was put with the names like Afganistan and pakistan. One has a military govt and the other is a failed democracy.

One funny story was reported in "The Dawn"- pakistani daily. Someone (allegedly from Delhi) made a call to paki prez and he was hooked up with the prez by the prez staff without any verification. The person claimed he is Pranab Mukharji and India is planning an attack on pakistan. A charter plain was sent to Delhi to bring back its one of visiting minister while he had a scheduled flight on the same evening. Security forces were put on high alert. An extremist group claimed that if India attacks pakistan 500 sucide bombers will cause havoc in Indian cities. paki prez called his nanny in US. The nanny called up her Delhi counterpart and assured pakistan that India is not attacking pakistan.

Pakistan and India are 2 nations which share their fate like Siamese twins. They fight or they laugh but they will always be together facing the consequences of their actions. “Kasab”- the only surviving member of the death squad is just 21. He got ready to give his life to the "mission" just because his Akas promised that his family will be taken care of after him. The amount promised was just 1.5 lacs. roughly $3000 . Now what else a drop out of prelim school, who wants to do something good for his family can think of. Who will teach him the difference between right and wrong? His village is full of such stories. The problem is located somewhere deep down in the mud which we need to sort out as soon as possible.

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