Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

The iconic dharavi slums have always been a subject of interest for the west. Slums provide a backdrop where any story can be told with ease. every few yards gives you a new character with an entirely different tale but a single possible theme: "struggle to survive". Every inch of space in this district is packed with something, and so is the time. Boys become men before they even reach their teens. Every moment is for learning a new trick to survive. If you are slow you will perish even before the short life span that this compressed universe with shorter time boundaries allows you to.
Slumdog millionaire is the latest attempt to capture this extraordinary color palette of humans on screen. Great movie... The saleem-javed style drama captures the vivid tale of Jamal malik and how he overcomes his slumdog curse.
The movie is nominated to several awards in west and for sure it is destined to win couple of them. Although its not the best of work from Rahman or Gulzar but good enough for Oscars ;) .
In Hindi film industry the main stream and artistic are always considered 2 different streams. I would like to see when these 2 combine, when a movie is made for the masses and the classes, when a movie like "A Wednesday" gets more recognition.
I like the scene when Jamal gets his final question "who's the 3rd musketeer ?" and he smiles even when he dint know the answer. as the taglike said "Its written."

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