Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was watching this documentary on HBO. As always they were talking about interesting numbers to put the picture in perspective. One expert had an interesting observation that the forests provide various free services to us like cleaning air, maintaining water circulation in the nature. controlling temperature etc. If at all we try and have the system in place to perform these tasks ourselves. It ll take around $ 35 trillion per year, and all the economies of the world put together worth roughly $ 18 trillion max. I knew the importance of trees and jungles but number like these makes me scared. The myopic education that business school provides ( each one of us is equally responsible for it B-schools are just an example), generats CEOs which are smart enough to make quick money, but they fail to realize the cost of it. A jungle which took millions of years to grow and has been removed can not grow back even in decades or centuries, and the rate at which we are clearing the land. we dont have much time till we have to figure out the $ 17 trillion deficit for just breathing clean air.

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