Saturday, June 17, 2006

Viva Story

viva story part 1

This is not the sequel of "wasim khan ki kahani but kalkhand, ghatnayen evam patra wohi hai"

this is the story of four innocent guys who were stuck in this cruel education system .this is just a ordinary story with less ordinary mortals but extraordinary circumstances (as john abraham said "koi aadmi mahan nahi hota paristhitiyan aadmi ko mahan banati hai"). This story is about how innocent and simple students are tortured by not so innocents. So just grab your tissue box, have some popcorns and start reading J

When I came to my dream college I was very excited about all this engg thing (as I am a firm believer of the philosophy that Engineers are born not made. And I think I was one of that born engineer you can verify that with all those wall-clocks, radios, tv sets which are lying there in my backyard (I still believe they had manufacturing defects). ) I met my four soul mates who were there with me for the next three years in all thick and thin.jiske liye main unka tahedil se shukria ada karna chahta hoon . Normally you have four students in a batch (you need four wise guys to pass 1 hour). So the alphabetical system prevalent in SGSITS fixed my destiny with these three guys Prabhat Samadhiya, Prasad Tillu Pravar Mishra Apart from starting P we have something else in common, we all are so called experts in all those topic which you never heard of (thts the essential part). We are all experts of explaining thoughts of other people. And unfortunately our previous batch was filled with some not so INNOVATIVE students. (Neeraj chaplot, Neeraj Singh ,Nistha Tripathi ,Piyush Patidar ). I always felt there was a strange impression on the externals face after our viva and I could never make out whether it was because of our batch or the one before us. Prabhat URF Samy this man was just a little too much for everything and he was just mad in love for his bed, starlit ki alloo petise, his room partner, James bond and
everything that is not related to engg books and have a tag attached to it definitely male. In the viva room which I ll refer as the d-room (d is not for d company its short for destiny) he was just the same. His approach to the questions was just like virendar sahwag. I think he already decides the number of times he ll say pass (or Sorry Sir in this case). He always plays premeditated shots and for sure he ll get a six if first five delivery are not able to get his wicket. He was the opener of our team, his file was first checked by the external and he is the one who answers the first question. And he was responsible to set the mood for next one hour. Prasad URF Tilloo This good natured, well mannered boy with soft voice was the best buddy you can find after facing the assault in the D-Room but .. but .. In the viva room its little different. Everything goes as smooth as the commentary from Sidhdhu until Tillu start up where samy(prabhat) has left, he speeks with so much expertise and fluency that nobody knows when he starts speaking about efficient use of data structure in electrical circuits. Prashant (YEP thts me ..): Normally I dont like to speak very much and I am those thinking type person . But I was also famous as the biggest JHILAU person in my hostel days. But my bakras were selected and ones who come after me in the jhilau list. Any ways coming to the point as I said I was never game for this bookish knowledge and I believe in innovation, but unfortunately my innovative thinking wakes up in the D-Room only. And I have more than 5 answers for every single question asked, the only problem was I was never sure which one will bring a smile and cutoff marks from the external. Pravar Mishra URF (bahut sare naam the yaar iske): This dude from Bhopal is completely transformed in viva days, fully clad in funde wali dress, hairs neatly combed, a scared look at the face and voice barely audible. You can find him in the empty lab mugging up the probable questions. But in the D-Room these mugged answers were of no use and he was also relying on his BAKAR skills. The First Encounter: We have a subject called electrical network in 3rd sem In the first lecture from Mr. Bhattacharya I was convinced I am not going to buy the B L threza and going to apply my innovation wherever and whenever required, Viva ka time aa gaya Hamare pahle wale batches ki halat dekh kar ham samajh gaye the ki aaj to dimag lagana padega aise kaam nahi chalega … Prasad and Pravar were sweating, Prabhat was looking at some birds ( when I say birds I mean it ). And I was just looking at all those who were coming out and trying to figure out what they are thinking. Hamari bari bhi aa gayee. Ham badi sarafat ke saath room me enter huye after everbody settled, Some initial questions were fired to test whether hame galti se computer to nahi mil gayee and after the ensured ki ham CS ke liye hi bane the The RAMBAN was fired The Question was tumhare ghar ke plug me teen tar hote hai wo kaun kaun se hai.. All four of us jumped to grab the lollypop. Sir earth ka taar .. Now the real question came up Shabash aur ye earth ka taar kahan se aata hai … Prabhat was first one in the firing line Sir ye jo earth ka taar hai ye meter se aata hai Achcha meter se aata hai shabash … and those mysterious eyes turned to tillu... Sir this wire is responsible for avoiding electrical shock, in America this is of square shape so if we want to use that in India we have to use a ...... "YE KAHAN SE AATA HAI ...." Prasad: sir ye poll se aata hai .... Achcha poll se aata hai .... next Next was me Sir ye earth ka wire to transformer se aata hai .kyonki I think …. Bas Next … (Mauka hi nahi diya explanation dene ka .. meri galti nahi thi. I can prove ki ye taar transformer se hi aata hai ..) Pravar (very scared at this point atleast from the look ) Sir ye powerhouse se aata hai ….. We also had a surprise entry for this viva Rahul Gupta Ji Rahul : sir ye wire to power generation point se aata hai … Now I can sense that we have given extraordinary answeres and we are all going to flunk or will go to next semester .. After a long pause and several sarcastic smiles another question was fired Can you right a C program to drive electric circuit of course why not came the prompt reply .. and we started showing our programming skills prabhat took one page Prasad two Me three And Pravar I am not sure how many pages Gupta ji ne aadha program likha than he asked sir kaun se electric circuit ka program likhna hai matlab jon jo circuit hai isme kya kya laga hoga ….. Poor fellow nahi janta tha yahin to creativity ka test tha .. Khair ham sab pass ho gaye ITI SRI ELECTRIC KATHA SAMAPT Bolo VERMA JI KI ... ................... JAI But frankly i am still not sure which one they liked the most do tell me your favorite answer….........

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