Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Flies

जनुअरी जान ना पड़ी
फ़रवरी फर्र से उडी
मार्च मारे मारे गयी
अप्रैल में परीक्षा आ गयी !!!

Phir Mile Sur Hamara

The iconic anthem written by Indian television has been revived. The 16 minute video displays vibrant color pallet of our country.

Although I still think the older one was better may be its a romance with the old. :)
1. No Sachin Tendulkar, Ambanis and Tatas, Hritik
2. Lata mangeshkar may be from yesteryear but she is ageless.
3. few pieces of music are struggling to blend in.
4. I miss that aerial shot of Tajmahal

1. Rehman is great with that fingerboard.
2. Salman and kids are wonderful.
3. Zakir hussain is absolutely magical. so is Anushka Shankar.
4. Good to see the next generation taking the legacy forward. (Anushka, Abhishek, Aman Ayan)
3. Shivmani is awesome with his water drums.
4. The taj palace.
5. It has AMITABH ;)
6. Its "Mile Sur" the Anthem. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम

There has been a lot of brouhaha in past few days (months) over climate change. heads of the nations met to discuss strategies needed to clean the planet, that has been badly polluted by the so called progress. nothing significant came out of the meet because that highly civilized elite group of people failed to see each others point of view, or lets a common ground of profit.
A wise man once said that "Indians are privately smart but publicly dumb" well this is true for the human race in general. we fail to see long term loses for small time gains.

Sharing is the solution of all problems that we face as a race. We need to share knowledge, food, resources, problems, issues, happiness and this planet which we call our home the mother earth. Animal world present some of the marvelous examples of the power of sharing and trust. An ant colony is highly civilized and organized ecosystem, which is a home to millions and millions of almost brainless creatures. but it functions flawlessly. Nobody tells an ant what exactly it needs to do. yet they perform a number of roles depending upon the need. when an ant find something, fellow ants arrive at the scene just in time and in right numbers. how they do it. they communicate individually and honestly. they have this mutual trust on each other that no-one will bluff.
The success of a beehive is attributed to sharing only. they do thousand of things including collecting food, building perfect homes, raising new bees, fighting external threats, taking precautionary measures without a central authority telling each one of them what to do.

Bird swarms, they look beautiful as if someone is orchestrating a beautiful flight composed of thousands of small birds. How do they fly in sync while none of them can even see the bigger picture, they all just trust the next bird to them and follow it.

Fish Swarms are another example. several thousand of small fishes form a swarm and then they confuse the most ruthless predator with their ever changing formations.

Penguins they gather in a perpetual moving huddle like a Giant body and provide each other the much needed heat to survive the killing winters of Antarctica. They keep changing the positions in the group so that everyone is warm.

the greatest achievements of human civilization is also because of the goodwill and sharing. Someone thought of an idea and then all contributed honestly to mature it. each playing their part. without trying to police others. one of the recent examples is the Internet. which recorded phenomenal growth and maturity in just few years because each and everyone was contributing as per their capacity.

we have the concept of "वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम" all the world is a family but we are not being a good family member. When we share we progress। when we do not we slide few inches back on evolution scale. If we want to Grow we need to trust our Collective Intelligence.

Save Water

रहिमन पानी राखिये, बिन पानी सब सून
पानी गए ना ऊबरे, मोती मानुष चून

Friday, January 01, 2010

Andhere ki sadak ..

इस नदी की धार में ठंडी हवा आती तो है,
नाव जर्जर ही सही, लहरों से टकराती तो है।

एक चिनगारी कही से ढूँढ लाओ दोस्तों,
इस दिए में तेल से भीगी हुई बाती तो है।

एक खंडहर के हृदय-सी, एक जंगली फूल-सी,
आदमी की पीर गूंगी ही सही, गाती तो है।

एक चादर साँझ ने सारे नगर पर डाल दी,
यह अंधेरे की सड़क उस भोर तक जाती तो है।

निर्वचन मैदान में लेटी हुई है जो नदी,
पत्थरों से, ओट में जा-जाके बतियाती तो है।

दुख नहीं कोई कि अब उपलब्धियों के नाम पर,
और कुछ हो या न हो, आकाश-सी छाती तो है।

-Dushyant Kumar