Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Phir Mile Sur Hamara

The iconic anthem written by Indian television has been revived. The 16 minute video displays vibrant color pallet of our country.

Although I still think the older one was better may be its a romance with the old. :)
1. No Sachin Tendulkar, Ambanis and Tatas, Hritik
2. Lata mangeshkar may be from yesteryear but she is ageless.
3. few pieces of music are struggling to blend in.
4. I miss that aerial shot of Tajmahal

1. Rehman is great with that fingerboard.
2. Salman and kids are wonderful.
3. Zakir hussain is absolutely magical. so is Anushka Shankar.
4. Good to see the next generation taking the legacy forward. (Anushka, Abhishek, Aman Ayan)
3. Shivmani is awesome with his water drums.
4. The taj palace.
5. It has AMITABH ;)
6. Its "Mile Sur" the Anthem. :)

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