Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I remember my first bike ride (that I remember) was sitting on a fuel tank of a Rajdoot 350, although I was just 4-5 years old but I still remember the feel of that slick machine and that ride. the pivot key with a triangular knob, shiney plates along side the fuel tank and the "Rajdoot" written in metallic handwritten fonts on the engine compartment. The best thing about the bike was the sound of its 2 stroke engine. It was basically a Yamaha Bike licensed to Escort but it had a certain Desi Factor attached to it. And the punchline described it perfectly "JaanDar Sawari, Shandar Sawari". There were some other Bikes in competition Jawa and Yejdi, but they were no match to this charming oldie.

Another beauty which provides competition to Rajdoot is Bullet Classic. Simple features, elegant style, indifferent attitude and powerful presence. Latest on my wishlisit :D

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Smriti said...

everything in green isnt cool!!! check out black enfields!!!

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