Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Game

Nothing can be created out of "nothing". Only God can do this miracle of creating something out of "nothing", without using any "ingredients".and when he does that, magic happens. He did it only once at the beginning of time, and a nonexistent universe changed forever.

Then he just sat back watching his creations taking shapes,growing and increasing, Multiplying into more complex and and colorful entities, dividing to manage to same complexity by itself.

Its an endless game, a kind of chain reaction triggered by a supreme player when he said "let there be light". He gave some part of himself to create this "cosmic game" which was neither something nor nothing. In other words he gave the God particle which disintegrated into "matter" and "antimatter", and thus the birth of universe. The "whole" born out of nowhere. And thus the first player of the game.

This Matter was the initial template which had grown in shapes and colors. some of them got life and tried to learn the rules of the game.The game of evolution. The game is very efficient, learning from the past applying to present to improve the future. The Art of creation is the act of God rest is all improvement, reusing and reshaping, adapting to change and changing to improve.

Everything that exist in the universe has that initial template generated by God. The Pattern is repeating itself to create more complex patterns, which in turn becoming the basic building blocks for others. When all this happens

He is not just sleeping. He is watching, watching everything, backing those who take chances, who are willing to explore showing directions to those who look for them. Playing along who are willing to play the Game.

Evolution is the mother of all processes and the most magnificent one. This world is full of complex variations but inside all of them lies a very simple formulas. The rules of the game are very simple. Just play it !!

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