Monday, March 11, 2013

The thinking man

So I was driving to work, mechanically in a slow moving traffic not more than 20km mark, and in a flash I realized one elderly lady was just inches away from the front right tire and I was totally oblivious to her presence on my tracks. Scary thought.

Its not a new thing e.g. many a times when I am driving to some destination and lost in chain of thoughts without realizing the destination is left far behind. or reading something while having meals and eating almost twice of my regular diet. Not to mention spending hours on Aristotle's Throne ( read the toilet pot )

Thinking Man
He is sitting on a pot .. right ? 

So apart from some catastrophic situations that one can find himself because of this habit, this can actually be a good thing, let me tell you why.

1. One is able to parallelize the number crunching while doing chores ( call me dumb but I cant multiprocess with equal allocations ).
2. Lose the cacaphony around and connect and indulge with self.
3. Indulge in dreams and desires which are rather a luxury in today's slow/fast lane life.
4. Get away from that bad colleague, pressure of EMIs, price of fuel, nagging girlfriend and all that.
5. Of course the concerns in 4 get changed at various phases of life, but you get the idea.
6. You can channelize the creative juices and solve the mysteries of the universe at the same time when bathing, driving, eating and what not.
7. Connect with the almighty and speak his language and get the resolutions of all that is troubling you.
8. Tolerate the veggies that you don't like, honking vehicles and inescapable boring acts of self maintenance.
9. And the most important and secret ingredient of successful sessions of this game, no pressure of coming to a conclusion, no limits and boundaries on how and what you connect. The best part there doesnt needs to be a conclusion. You can spend hours for thinking nothing.

So go ahead try it, get lost in the nothing. Its the most therapeutic gift you can give to yourself. but ALWAYS be aware of that unassuming lady.